31st Division (ComStar)

Com Guards 31st Division.png
31st Division IV-theta
Formed Unknown (mid 3030's)
Nickname Static Hurlers (3050)
The Lost Boys (3062)
Affiliation ComStar
Parent Command 6th Army

Renowned for their heroic actions during the Battle of Tukayyid and Operation Bulldog the 31st Division was one of the Com Guards most elite divisions.


Immediately prior to the Clan Invasion, the veteran ranked 31st Division, a kappa level mix referred to by the nickname of Static Hurlers, was assigned to the Eighth Army, and was headquartered on the Free Worlds League world of Alula Australis.[1]

Along with the rest of the Eighth Army, the Thirty-First was assigned to combat Clan Diamond Shark during the Battle of Tukayyid, forming part of the defense of the primary target city of Kozice Prime. While the 85th and 182nd Division fought against the 19th Heavy Cluster of the Shark's Alpha Galaxy, the 31st blocked the elite Thirty-ninth Striker Cluster in the narrow section of the Kozice Valley leading to the city. After the 182nd tied up both Clusters from Alpha Galaxy, the Thirty-First joined the 85th and 56th Divisions in attempting to disrupt the Shark's supply lines. [2] [3]

Like many Com Guard Divisions, the now elite rated 31st Division chose a new nickname after Tukayyid, calling itself The Lost Boys, being transferred from command division of the Eighth Army to a similar position in the Sixth Army. The Thirty-First made its headquarters on Federated Commonwealth held Procyon Theater world of Procyon. [4]

With the Free Worlds League Military recapturing many worlds within the Procyon Theatre during Operation GUERRERO, the Precentor Martial chose to withdraw and reassign the Sixth Army to the Draconis Combine to help bolster the Combine's border with Clan Ghost Bear and Clan Smoke Jaguar, with the 31st and the Sixth Army transferring its headquarters to the Kurita world of Chandler. [5] Despite the Division's withdraw, the League chose to settle the conflict prior to recapturing Procyon, the world became part of the so-called Chaos March and allowing a mad former ComStar Adept to forment extremists to enact pogroms which led to the slaughter of thousands of civilians prior to the Sirian Lancers launching an unauthorized mission to save the homeworlds of Sirian Concordance. [6]

The whole division was horrified by the Sirian Holds Tragedy and the guilt that their withdrawal had allowed it to happen led some among their number, including unit commander Demi-Precentor Ruth, to resign.

Operation BULLDOG[edit]

Despite the terrible blow to the unit's morale, the elite rated Thirty-First was selected as part of ComStar's contribution to Operation BULLDOG. [5] Launching from the Combine held world of Lonaconing, the Thirty-First accompanied the 42nd Galedon Regulars on its "capture" of the Clan Nova Cat held world of Chupadero, watching the AeroSpace Fighter Trial of Possession between the victorious 42nd Regulars and the Cat's 15th Garrison Cluster. [7] [5]

Leading the charge to take Virentofta alongside the 42nd Galedon, 1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry, Stirling's Fusiliers and Northwind Hussars, in some of the most brutal fighting during second wave of Bulldog the Thirty-First and other SLDF forces faced the 151st Garrison Cluster of the Jaguar's Omega Galaxy, the Clan troops fighting to the last man. [8]

The 31st then traveled to Rockland with the 42nd Galedon, Sterling's Fusiliers, Northwind Hussars, joined by the 11th and 16th Legions of Vega from Turtle Bay to defeat the Nu Galaxy's 10th Garrison Cluster, but the Jaguar unit only offered token resistance to the invading SLDF forces before abandoning the world. [9] Suffering relatively light losses, elements of the unit traveled to Huntress as part of the relief force to save Task Force Serpent.

After its return to the Inner Sphere, the 31st resumed it duty as the command division of the Sixth Army, engaging in the number of exercises with the 15th Alshain Avengers prior to the Combine-Ghost Bear War. [5] During that conflict elements of the Thirty-First probed the defenses of the Ghost Bear forces assaulting the worlds of Kiesen and Meilen.[10]

In January 3077 the 31st Division was assigned to garrison Lyons after the 6th Pesht Regulars and 7th Donegal Guards started fighting amongst themselves.[11]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 31st Division (ComStar)
Precentor IV Daniel Mueller Prior to the Clan Invasion - Battle of Tukayyid[1]
Demi-Precentor Johnny Ruth 3052- 3055[4][5]
Precentor VII Gonzalo Cabral 3062[5]
Precentor XIV Vincent Alice 3067[10]



Composition History[edit]


31st Division (Division/Veteran)[12]

Note: At this point in time the 31st Division was stationed on Alula Australis.[12]


31st Division (Division/Elite) [13]

Note: At this point in time the 31st Division was stationed on Procyon.[13]


  • Cemetery Gates III-theta - Demi-Precentor XI Richard Wilder
  • Crazy Players III-eta - Demi-Precentor VII Alice Pollworth
  • The Molehill Climbers III-kappa - Demi-Precentor III Adolph Guenther
  • Strange Highways III-zeta - Demi-Precentor VI Hiroshi Abe
  • Into the Wind III-beta - Demi-Precentor II Manolo Patenio
  • Broken Laws III-iota - Demi-Precentor VII Elaine Margolle


  • The insignia of the 31st is a set of white foot prints across a black disc. [5]
  • Born of their efforts during Tukayyid and Operation BULLDOG, the elite-rated Thirty-First is highly adept at combating Clan opponents, to the point of even fighting via in the rigid restrictions of Zellbrigen. [5]


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