31st Division (Word of Blake)

31st Division.jpg
31st Division
Unit Profile (as of 3074)
Nickname Purity of Faith
Parent Formation Word of Blake Militia
Formed Late 3060s
Disbanded 3074

Unit Description[edit]

The 31st Division was a "hidden" Word of Blake Militia force that was not revealed until break out of the Jihad war. The unit was notable for participating in three battles for New Avalon. Also being of first "hidden" Militia unit to appear in public.


The early Battles for New Avalon[edit]

In December 3067, the Word of Blake launched its Jihad against the Inner Sphere. The Thirty-first, along with heavy WarShip support, appeared in orbit over the Federated Suns world of New Avalon. A new formation, the Thirty-first was newly equipped and still inexperienced in battle. While the WarShips conducted orbital bombardment on the planet, the Thirty-first landed in the farmlands of the Albion continent, then began advancing on Avalon City. The under-strength 10th Lyran Guards were the first unit to oppose the Blakists, engaging them at McCarel Farm. The Purity of Faith attempted to bypass the Revenants with a screening force, but the Tenth punched through, attempting to hit the Thirty-first's supply train, a trio of Prairie Schooners. Despite being outnumbered, the Tenth managed to inflict significant damage on the relatively inexperienced Thirty-first before they were forced to pull back with heavy losses. This bought the defenders enough time to regroup and form an effective defense against the Blakists. [1] After three weeks of fighting, the outnumbered Thirty-first were forced off-world by the defenders. They nevertheless remained in-system with the Word's naval forces in orbit, effectively blockading the planet.[2] [3]

In February 3068, the Thirty-first was reinforced by the 36th Division, a much more experienced unit. The Blakists hit the planet once again, but found the defenders had been reinforced by the Davion Assault Guards, the Davion Heavy Guards and the 3rd Davion Guards, as well as the Beta Regiment of the mercenary 12th Vegan Rangers. In over a year of near-constant fighting, the Thirty-first and Thirty-sixth opposed the defending Davion forces under the command of Marshal of the Armies Jackson Davion, with both sides taking heavy losses. Ultimately, the Word of Blake was beaten back again, with both units withdrawing to orbit. Once again, the Blakists settled into a blockade.[2][3]

Third Battle for New Avalon[edit]

That essentially remained the status quo until December 3072, when the 44th Shadow Division arrived. This elite Manei Domini unit rallied the two divisions already in-system as well as the Bronson's Horde mercenary company in yet a third assault on the planet. Though it took several months more of vicious fighting with all parties taking heavy losses, the Blakists were finally able to secure Avalon City in February 3073. This did not break the defenders, however, who continued to resist with all they could muster. With setbacks in other areas, all three Word of Blake units were ordered back to the Protectorate in September 3074, though by then losses to the Thirty-first were so severe they had effectively been absorbed by the Thirty-sixth.[2][3]

Merged with 36th Division & Raiding[edit]

The Thirty-first was battle depleted by the time the recall order was issued, and the division was merged with the Thirty-sixth.[4][3] The force was spotted conducting supply raids in the Crucis March. Based on the direction of the raids, it led intelligence agencies to suggest that the Thirty-first was heading back to Hegemony space.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 31st Division
Precentor Terry McQuinn 3067



Composition History[edit]

  • Unknown


Game Rules[edit]

When assigning pilots to the 31st Division, a set number of pilots will be elite, while another set will be veteran. A select number of elements deployed will be selected from the House Davion Random Assignment Tables, instead of using the Word of Blakes'.[5]


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