31st Lyran Guards

Brigade Insignia of the Lyran Guards
Thirty-first Lyran Guards
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Parent Command Fourth Lyran Guards Division

The 31st Lyran Guards were a regiment of the Lyran Guards brigade active during the Star League era.[1]


Star League Era[edit]

During the Star League era the 31st Lyran Guards was one of seven regiments within the 4th Lyran Guards Division, one of five Divisions of active regiments within the Lyran Guards brigade in the closing decades of the Star League's existence.[1]

Like the other regiments of the Guards during this era, the 31st Guards lacked any particular political ties - either regional or familial - unlike regiments in other brigades; commonly assigned to garrison postings, the 31st Lyran Guards and their sister regiments were postings of choice for those who wanted to work for the Commonwealth without either regional loyalties or particular ambitions. This led to the 31stand her sister regiments being manned by soldiers who were professional, but without the close-knit ties found in more parochial regiments. The LCAF was intent on generating more camaraderie and esprit de corps among the unit and the other Guards regiments, but with little success.[1]

In the late 2750s or early 2760s the Lyran Commonwealth launched Operation CATALOG. Operation CATALOG was a major operation to investigate and destroy a huge interstellar cartel or collection of super-cartels particularly active in the border regions of the Commonwealth abutting the Free Worlds League and Rim Worlds Republic, and identified wide-scale corruption, bribery and criminal activity across numerous worlds and involving a number of companies, planetary governments and military units.[2] While a number of LCAF units were found to have individuals who were engaging in criminal activities or supporting criminal elements, two of the regiments within the Fourth Lyran Guards Division, the 31st and the 39th Lyran Guards were found to be absolutely riddled with criminal elements. The corruption and rot within both regiments was so extensive that where the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces High Command had purged and replaced criminal elements in other units, the High Command took the extraordinary step of summarily disbanding both regiments, striking them from the rolls of the Lyran Guards.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 31st Lyran Guards



Composition History[edit]



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