31st Wolf Solahma (Clan Wolf)

31st Wolf Solahma Cluster
Disbanded 3055
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Parent Command

Unit Description[edit]

The 31st Wolf Solahma Cluster was part of the original Clan Wolf's touman of second-line garrison formations. The unit's principle function was to man garrison post and hunt pirate bands.


New Commander, New People[edit]

In 3052, former Loremaster Conal Ward became the Cluster's new commander. Since his arrival to the unit, its number were staffed with solahma politically aligned Crusader warriors.[1]

Red Corsair Incident[edit]

During middle of 3055, the unit was activated by Khan Phelan Ward as part of ComStar investigation of series of pirate attacks by alleged pirate band known as Corsair. These Corsairs, were tied by ComStar's intelligence to being Clan in origin. In order to keep the three year-old Treaty of Tukayyid intact, the 31st Solahma was deployed as a means to handle Clan affairs without triggering renewed invasion.

Unknown to most of the parties involved, Conal Ward and his Cluster were part of the pirates' strikes. During the series of raids, the 31st first engaged the pirates at the jump point in the FedCom held star system of Zhongshan. However, the pirates quickly departed after Conal Ward's challenge.[1]

Battle on Deia[edit]

In June, the Cluster caught up with the pirates during their raid against Deia. There the Deia's militia and a battalion size mercenary unit known as the Zimmer's Zouaves had engaged the Corsairs in fire fight. Conal ordered his unit to hot drop on top of the Militia and mercenary unit's positions to better engage the pirates. However, the Cluster then engaged those forces for the right to fight from their locations. The Cluster destroyed both the militia and mercenary forces while the Corsairs used it as a means to escape their would-be pursuers.

After the destruction of the FedCom forces at the hands of the 31st, the outraged Archon-Prince ordered the elite mercenary regiments of the Kell Hounds assist and possibly destroy 31st Solahma should they attempt to attack any further friendly forces.[1]

Skirmish on Cue Ball[edit]

After briefly linking up with FedCom mercenary forces, the Cluster split off from its "allies" in pursuit of the elusive pirates. They encountered them yet again in the Yeguas system, where they engaged in combat with the pirates on the planet's moon of Cue Ball. On the airless moon, the 31st Solahma's performance was questionable, where its appearance exhausted troops found themselves unable to match the Pirates. Seeing his troops were in trouble, Star Colonel Ward then ordered a withdrawal from combat. This allowed the Corsairs to escape yet again.[1]

Ambush on Arc-Royal and Elissa[edit]

The Cluster was deployed to Arc-Royal in July,[2] where the unit was used as part of ambush against Pirates, since they mercenary had gathered intelligence this would be their next target. The 31st and Kell Hounds triggered a massive explosion underneath the DropPort where the pirates had landed two of their large DropShips. With their numbers decimated, the Red Corsair directed her surviving troops to withdraw to their WarShip and escaped. After their defeat, the 31st Solahma withdrew from Arc-Royal back to Clan Wolf's Occupation Zone.

However, unknown to all, the unit moved quickly to the Red Corsair's secret base located on Wolf's world of Elissa. There the unit awaited the arrival of its fellow Wolves and their FedCom allies.

In October 25th, when Khan Phelan Ward arrived with his Clan forces and Kell Hounds. Star Colonel Conal Ward issued Batchall to his Khan to what forces he would be using to fight him. He soon revealed that his Cluster was cooperating with the Corsairs to end the Treaty of Tukayyid and restart the Invasion before its 3067 deadline.

After the battle was concluded, the Cluster's name was struck from the rolls of the Wolf Clan touman.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 31st Wolf Solahma
Star Colonel Conal Ward 3052 - 3055[1]


The unit typically engaged in tradition Clan dueling of rules of Zellbrigen whenever possible.[1]

Composition History[edit]


31st Wolf Solahma Cluster (1 Cluster)

- Note: The unit consists of light mix of front line OmniMechs and larger number of second line Clan BattleMechs.[1]


It is unclear if the unit existed prior to formation of the Treaty of Tukayyid.

Game Notes[edit]

The 31st Wolf Solahma rated at Veteran Skill. When using special unit rules, such as Force Specific Rules, the unit follows enhancements/penalties. The unit always engages in Zellbrigen due to its members attempting to die honorably in combat. While using AToW RPG rules, every one Star deployed by a player uses, they would roll 2D6 on results of 10 or better. On success, the Star would receive 1 special ability of the player's choice.[1]


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