32nd Jaguar Regulars (Clan Smoke Jaguar)

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32nd Jaguar Regulars
Unit Profile (as of 3052)
Nickname Unknown
Parent Formation Unknown
Formed Unknown


The Thirty-Second Jaguar Regulars was a second line Cluster of the Clan Smoke Jaguar.


Operation Revival[edit]

Wave Five[edit]

  • Luthien - As the fighting in the Waseda Hills began during the Battle of Luthien, the engagement on the edges of the Tairakana Plains wound down. The remnants of Kurita companies in the area were regrouping. In the hope of increasing the pressure on the Smoke Jaguars, Theodore Kurita ordered two 2nd Genyosha companies from the 3rd Battalion and one Otomo company of the 3rd Battalion to launch a lightning raid into the Clans' rear area. He instructed them to attack the Jaguars' reserves and cause as much damage and confusion as they possibly could, before pulling out. The 32nd Jaguar Regulars formed this reserve. During the fighting two Kurita 'Mechs were destroyed, and almost all the others took serious damage but in turn, left eight Clan machines destroyed or so badly damaged that the invaders abandoned them during their withdrawal from Luthien. [1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 32nd Jaguar Regulars

Other Officers[edit]


Little is known about the 32nd Regulars' tactics.

Composition History[edit]


  • Regular Trinary - Command
  • Regular Trinary
  • Regular Trinary
  • Regular Supernova - Battle
  • Regular Supernova [3]


  • The 32nd Regulars are not mentioned after Luthien.
  • It was recorded as belonging to the 44th Attack Galaxy on Luthien this unit is possibly Beta as its commander is Mikhail Ward. Their position in the Jaguar line on Luthien fighting against the Otomo, places them close to the 1st Jaguar Guards, a known cluster of Beta Galaxy adding credence to this hypothesis.


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