32nd Vanguard Battle (Clan Fire Mandrill)

Thirty-Second Vanguard Battle Cluster
Disbanded 3071 (Destroyed)
Nickname The Watchmen
Affiliation Clan Fire Mandrill
Parent Command Kindraa Mick-Kreese-Kline


Kindraa Mick-Kreese[edit]

The Thirty-Second Vanguard Battle Cluster were stationed on Shadow in 3059.[1] Warriors that prove to have any real potential are soon transferred out to the Eleventh Battle Force or to the Twenty-third Air Assault Force, which keeps the Clusters quality down.[2]

In 3067 Kindraa Mick-Kreese joined the Clan Blood Spirit assault on Clan Star Adder, sending two Clusters: the 11th battle Force and the 32nd Vanguard Cluster. Fighting alongside Iota Galaxy, they faced the Star Adders on Tathis. During the battle Kindraa Kline dropped into the middle of the combat, and the resulting confusion inflicted heavy losses on everyone involved, with many incidents of friendly fire. This was particularly devastating for Kindraa Kline taking seventy-five percent casualties.[3][4]

Kindraa Mick-Kreese-Kline[edit]

In late 3068 the Kindraa struck out against Clan Hell's Horses enclaves on Kirin. SaKhan Kline's forces, including the Thirty-second, met with initial success capturing several important facilities, factories and cities almost a third of Kirin and winning important raw resources and materials. She failed to notice the quality of the troops lined up against her and was surprised bu a counter attack by the Horses Delta Galaxy that pushed the Mandrills out of almost every enclave except KM City. [5]

The Blood Spirits and the Star Adders had been fighting on Circe for some time before saKhan Kline brought Kindraa Mick-Kreese-Kline to the planet in January 3071. She offered aid to the allied Blood Spirits but this was refused, after this she issued a Trial of Possession for two former Snow Raven enclaves that the Adder's had recently taken. Galaxy Commander Daniels refused as fighting was on going. Kline landed her forces anyway which the Star Adders took as a breach of trial and declared both Clans dezgra and lifted zellbrigen against them.[6] The Spirits and the Manrills called for hegira but were refused. In the fighting the Thirty-second was wiped out.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 32nd Vanguard Battle Cluster
Star Colonel Bethany Komolosi 3059 - 3067[2][8]


Designated to hold captured ground and specializes in defensive combat.

Composition History[edit]


32nd Vanguard Battle Cluster - Regular/Reliable[2]


SaKhan Kelton Meyers of Clan Goliath Scorpion placed the battle that wiped out the 32nd Vanguard Battle on Albion and not Circe as in other sources. [7]

Page 52 of Field Manual: Crusader Clans erroneously lists The Watchmen as the 42nd Vanguard Battle, the correct numbering is given on page 150.


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