331st Battle (Clan Wolverine)

331st Battle Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 2823)
Nickname Unknown
Parent Formation Unknown
Formed 2821


The 331st Royal BattleMech Division was one of the most famous military units of the first Star League. Since the 331st was a "Royal" unit, it was part of the Terran Hegemony ruled by House Cameron. After the fall of the Star League, the 331st joined General Aleksandr Kerensky on his Exodus. When the Exodus Civil War broke out, the 331st left with Aleksandr's son Nicholas Kerensky in the Second Exodus and eventually formed the core of Clan Wolverine becoming the 331st Battle Cluster.[1]



After the fall of the Star League in 2781, General Kerensky began recruiting SLDF forces to join him in leaving the Inner Sphere; one of the many units answering Kerensky's call was the 331st Royal BattleMech Division. On November 5, 2784, 80% of the SLDF departed with Kerensky in his Exodus.

In 2786, the Exodus Fleet reached the Cloak of Kerensky and the later-named Pentagon Worlds. The 331st became part of the group that colonized the planet Circe. In 2801, the Exodus Civil War broke out and Nicholas Kerensky called for a Second Exodus. What remained of the 331st rallied to Nicholas' cause and departed with him to form a new society: the Clans.

Clan Wolverine[edit]

In 2821, the Clans returned and conquered the Pentagon Worlds, ending the Exodus Civil War. The 331st was part of the task force that retook Circe. At this time, the 331st was formally disbanded and its soldiers became part of the Clan Wolverine Touman as the 331st Battle Cluster.[1] Sarah McEvedy, daughter of the last commander of the 331st (James McEvedy[2]), was elected the first Khan of Clan Wolverine, and Franklin Hallis, a descendant of another previous commander of the 331st, was elected saKhan.

Two years later in 2823, a Brian Cache containing equipment formerly belonging to the 331st became the focal point of the incident that led to the Trial of Annihilation against Clan Wolverine.

Minnesota Tribe[edit]

It is almost certain that the legendary group known as the "Minnesota Tribe" is the last surviving remnant of the 331st. The location and status of the Minnesota Tribe is unknown, even to the present day.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 331st Battle (Clan Wolverine)



Game Rules[edit]


The SLDF Division's commander was always from the North American region of Terra, and its symbol changed depending on which socio-political region the commander was from. In the Case of James McEvedy his was Minnesota.[3]


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