3378th Special Forces Battalion

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3378th Special Forces Battalion
Unit Profile (as of 2766)
Parent Formation Special Forces Command
Formed unknown


The 3378th Special Forces Battalion was an elite formation within the Star League Defense Force, under the command of the Special Forces Command.[1]


Formed shortly before the Amaris Civil War, the 3378th was due to deploy into the Periphery as a part of the SLDF response to the Periphery Uprising when Stefan Amaris launched Operation APOTHEOSIS, his coup to take over the Terran Hegemony. The 3378th had been rotated onto Caph alongside another Special Forces Battalion, the 3381st, and several battalions of infantry in early December for several months of training exercises prior to their Periphery deployment. Most of these units were still out in the field, deployed at company and battalion strength, when the Rim Worlds Republic forces headed up by the 118th Amaris Dragoons and the mercenary Salazar's Irregulars launched their attempt to secure Caph.[1]

The 3378th were the exception; rather than being out in the field, the unit commanding officer, Major Derjan Sefik, had brought the entire of the 3378th into New Brunnel for a brief period of furlough over the holiday season. When Major Sefik learned of the 118th Amaris Dragoons' deployment on "training exercises" on the 26th, he decided to use the 118th's activities to arrange some impromptu training for his own command; Sefik had Special Forces teams tracking the various elements of the Republican forces, shadowing them and planning simulated ambushes as if the Republicans were a hostile force. As the various Special Forces teams reported back to Major Sefik, he became increasingly concerned at the number of critical posts the Rim Worlds forces were taking up, and decided to redeploy the 3378th to block any threatening moves the Republicans might take.[1]

It was this redeployment that saw the 3378th in place to block the Republican attempt to secure Caph's HPG when APOTHEOSIS began, and resulted in a day-long battle within Caph's capital city. The 3378th may have only formed recently, but the commandos that made up the 3378th were all highly trained and inflicted heavy losses on the Republicans and on the mercenary forces acting in support of the 118th Amaris Dragoons. The population of Caph offered only token support to the SLDF forces during the attack, although the 3378th received critical assistance from the New Brunnel police force, despite Duchess Micha Confalonieri making an official announcement that the Republican forces were "liberators" and that the population should end all resistance.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3378th Special Forces Battalion
Major Derjan Sefik 2766[1]



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