341st Assault (Clan Wolf)

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341st Assault
Unit Profile (as of 3052)
Nickname The Silver Blizzard
Parent Formation Beta Galaxy


Created out of the 341st Royal BattleMech Division.

Widowmaker Absorption[edit]

The 341st was given the honor of facing Clan Widowmaker forces in the Trial of Refusal that preceded the Widowmaker Absorption. On Ironhold they faced the Widowmaker's 194th Crusader Cluster. The 341st was led by Khan Jerome Winston and the 194th was led by Khan Cal Jorgensson. They squared off in an honor duel, but before Winston could decisively win, Widowmaker reinforcements forced the Wolf Khan away. This allowed the Trial's observers to intervene, and during the resulting combat, Nicholas Kerensky was killed. The 194th broke and ran.[1] The 341st spent the next day in a blizzard looking for the Widowmaker's supply caches, but stumbled into an ambush by the 194th. Despite the heavy losses on both sides neither unit could claim a decisive victory.[2] The next day the 341st caught up to the Widowmaker's Fourth Fang Cluster after that unit had been savaged by the 328th Assault Cluster. The 341st inflicted more losses on the Widowmaker unit.[3] Joining with the 328th, the two Wolf Clusters faced the remnants of the 194th and the Fourth Fang outside of Ironhold City. Unfortunately their determination to destroy the Widowmakers led them to inflict damage on Clan Jade Falcon's Ironhold City. When the two Wolf units didn't respond to radio broadcasts, the Falcon's 89th Falcon Strikers engaged the Wolves. This distraction allowed the Widowmakers to escape.[4]

Operation Revival[edit]

The 341st fought on the following worlds during the invasion of the Inner Sphere.


In September 3049, the 341st landed on Paulus Prime, where they overwhelmed the defending Paulus Guards at Mannington Dwells.

Wave One[edit]

Saint John was the location of the next 341st attack, in April 3050. Supernovas Command and Second were bid against the defending First, Second, Fourth and Sixth St. John Free Brigades. The defenders were aggressive and well-led by a veteran of the Rasalhague independence struggle, but finally surrendered when Star Colonel Ramon Sender threatened civilian lives, an action for which he was reprimanded by Khan Ulric Kerensky.

Wave Two[edit]

The 341st did not participate in Wave Two.

Wave Three[edit]

In July 3050, Supernova Second, Trinary Assault and Rogue Fighter Star invaded Harvest, where they faced the First and Second Royal Harvest Divisions. The defending force included a Regiment-sized force of old BattleMechs. The defenders dispersed into the mountains from where they were able to harass the 341st for a week, until they were betrayed. When cornered, the Royals' commander challenged the Wolf commander to a duel to decide the issue, which he lost.

That same month, Supernova Command and Trinary Battle of the 341st, together with the Silver Keshik attacked Planting, which was defended by the Forty-first Avalon Hussars RCT. The Hussars choose to use carefully planned ambushes against the Wolf force, which was forced to call in the Third Battle Cluster in order to destroy the defenders.

Wave Four[edit]

From August to September 3050, Supernovas Command and Second, together with Trinary Assault was locked in battle for Engadin. The defending First and Third Engadin Home Defense Brigades used Inferno rounds in large quantities against the 341st, which considerably slowed the conquest of the planet.

Wave Five[edit]

In November 3051, the whole of Beta Galaxy landed on Sevren. They faced the Twenty-fifth Arcturan Guards RCT, which was led by a veteran of the Fourth Succession War and the War of 3039. The first few battles were inconclusive, due in part to the Arcturan Guards imposing themselves aggressively on the Wolf forces. Finally, the Third Battle found a weak point in the Guards' lines, and exploited it. Following this event, the Arcturan Guard had to go on the defensive, and eventually retreated off world to Colmar.

The following month saw Beta Galaxy fighting the Twenty-sixth Lyran Guards RCT on two separate worlds, first on Kobe and then on Thun. On Kobe, the Guards were reinforced by the First and Second Kobe Mechanized Brigades. Beta managed to kill the commander of the Twenty-sixth, Hauptmann General Joy Corelli in the first battle. Her replacement, Leftenant General Jinders Green-Davion managed to stablize the situation, but was forced to conclude that the Guards were too damaged to hold Kobe. He then made the decision to retreat to Thun.

Beta Galaxy followed the Guards to Thun, where Khan Radick's impatience led him to order high-risk missions to try to decapitate the Guards' command structure. An initial push by Elemental Headhunter Stars failed, and Khan Radick personally led a low-level drop to finally decide the issue, pushing the Guards into an off-world retreat.

The 341st's final battle in Wave Five came on Diosd in February 3052. The planet was defended by the First and Second Diosd Brigades, each consisting of two tank and one infantry regiments, who were unable to stand against the 341st in pitched battle. The planetary government surrendered in relatively short order, but much of the militia dispersed to continue waging a guerrilla war.


Refusal War[edit]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 341st Assault
Star Colonel Alicia Radick 2833[5]
Star Colonel Ramon Sender 3052[6]



Composition History[edit]



Game Rules[edit]

Widowmaker Absorption[edit]

In 2833 the 341st uses the Shielding rules from Tactical Operations to protect Khan Jerome Winston, saKhan Elise Fetladral, and Star Colonel Alicia Radick. Weapon attacks against a shielded unit receive a +1 to-hit modifier in addition to the standard Shielding Table modifiers.[5]



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