343rd Battle Cluster (Rasalhague Dominion)

343rd Battle Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation Rho Galaxy
Formed Dark Age


The Dark Age[edit]

Formed during the Dark Age, the 343rd Battle Cluster was an active part of the Rasalhague Dominion's Rho Galaxy. Rho underwent a significant rearmament program in the 3130s and was sent on the offensive in 3144 tasked with claiming a number of worlds that formerly been part of the Lyran Commonwealth, worlds that would form a corridor between the Rasalhague Dominion and the newly-formed Vega Protectorate. Rho swiftly annexed a number of worlds peacefully, but soon ran into forces from Clan Jade Falcon, also intent on annexing worlds in the region. Rho was soon facing forces from the Falcon's Omega Galaxy on the worlds of Corridan IV, Ganshoren, Symington and Yed Posterior.[1]

Omega Galaxy had been rebuilt in line with the Mongol doctrine espoused by Khan Malvina Hazen and as such consisted of hordes of light forces; those forces were deployed against Rho Galaxy with reckless abandon, swarming single Stars with what seemed to be endless numbers. Rho Galaxy was notionally of equal strength to Omega Galaxy, but where Omega had light forces, Rho had heavy 'Mech Supernovas and kept its units in defensive positions, holding Omega at bay. It was only when it appeared likely that the Jade Falcons were mobilizing a second Galaxy, Vau Galaxy, to support Omega that the Dominion Council ordered Rho to withdraw, rather than run the risk of provoking a major war between the Falcons and the Dominion. The order to withdraw left Rho frustrated, but proud of their prowess; reports of Rho's performance in combat became the standard text within the Dominion for dealing with units using Mongol tactics, giving Rho some solace.[1]

In 3144 the 300th Battle Cluster conducted a probing raid against the defending forces on Port Moseby; when the 343rd deployed in support of the Third Vega Regulars on raids against the world of Shionoha in 3145 intelligence agencies speculated that the raids were intended to encourage the defending units on Port Moseby to move away to support the forces on Shionoha, and that the Dominion was looking to annex Port Moseby for its new Lyran subjects.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 343rd Battle Cluster (Rasalhague Dominion)
Star Colonel Alice Bourjon 3145[2]





343rd Battle Cluster (Regular/Reliable)[2]

- Based on Accrington at this point in time, the 343rd was just five percent short of full strength with slightly below half of the Cluster using OmniMechs or equivalent advanced technology.[2]



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