34th Infantry (Draconis Combine)

34th Infantry Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 3028)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation DCMS
Formed unknown


Fourth Succession War[edit]

In August 3028, the Fourth Succession War came to Marfik. The Battle of Marfik saw the Lyran Commonwealth's elite Fourth Skye Rangers under Kathleen Heany invade the planet, supported by an overwhelming advantage in conventional forces. One implied objective of the attack was to capture the Coordinator's heir apparent, Theodore Kurita. Engaging the Rangers on the 29th of August, Kurita ordered Esau Olivares to determine why the Eleventh Armored Regiment was breaking position,[1] then later having him lead first battalion in covering the DCMS conventional regiments' withdrawal into DonnerBrau Forest.[2] The 34th Infantry Regiment refused Olivares' orders to abandon Massingham, and Kurita ordered him to abandon the unit.[3] The Eleventh Legion of Vega continued a guerilla campaign against the Fourth Skye Rangers for several weeks, pitting Kurita's superior leadership against the Lyran's decisive advantage in numbers and equipment. Eventually, the inevitable end approached, and it was feared Tai-sa Kurita would be captured or killed.


Rank Name Time Period in Command
Commanding Officers of the 34th Infantry



Composition History[edit]



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