35th BattleMech (Clan Hell's Horses)

35th BattleMech (Clan Hell's Horses).jpg
Thirty-fifth BattleMech Cluster
Nickname The Phantoms
Affiliation Clan Hell's Horses
Parent Command Eta Galaxy


The Thirty-fifth BattleMech Cluster was a part of Eta Galaxy in 3059, home to the worst troublemakers in the Horse's touman. Though skilled warriors in many cases, they lack the discipline of other units.[1] In 3067 the Thirty-fifth was stationed on Bearclaw.[2]

The unit, along the CHH Black Knight was sent to rendezvous with the Potemkin-class CHH Blood Horse in early June 3071, bringing Eta Galaxy to investigate the mysterious silence from the Horses' outpost at Nouveaux Paris. Arriving in July 3072, the two Hell's Horses were surprised to find a Cameron-class battlecruiser waiting at the zenith point of the Nouveaux Paris system. The ship - later identified as the CBS Tremor - was a former Clan Cloud Cobra WarShip captured by the Society and the resurgent Clan Burrock. The Tremor was acting in support of the Society cell that had seized the waystation; as the Hell's Horses forces moved towards the planet, they were shadowed by the Burrock forces, who refused to respond to any hails. When the Hell's Horses deployed DropShips to land on the planet, the Tremor's screening forces attacked, inflicting heavy casualties on the Horses but unable to prevent at least some Hell's Horses forces from landing.[3]

The Burrock forces attacked as the Hell's Horses were trying to make planetfall, and before Eta Galaxy had a chance to establish a perimeter on the ground they were swamped by Burrock ground forces. Losing a DropShip and Star Colonel Kymma DeLaurel in quick succession, the bulk of Eta Galaxy was destroyed, with only the Thirty-Ninth Battle Cluster managing to pull back to the Black Knight. Before the Black Knight had a chance to react, two Clan Star Adder WarShips arrived in the system - the Lola III-class CSA Warlock and the Nightlord-class battleship CSA Absolute Truth and curtly ordered the Hell's Horses to either move out of the way or be run over. Left with little choice, the Black Knight retreated as the Star Adders began their battle to claim Nouveaux Paris.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 35th BattleMech
Star Colonel Kymma DeLaurel 3059 - 3072[1][2][3]



Composition History[edit]


Thirty-fifth BattleMech Cluster - Veteran/Questionable [1]


Thirty-fifth BattleMech Cluster - Veteran/Reliable [2]

  • 75% full strength with 20% of the force equipped with OmniMechs



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