362nd Confederation Air Regiment

Three Hundred and Sixty Second Confederation Air Regiment
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Parent Command CCAF

The 362nd Confederation Air Regiment was a conventional fighter regiment defending New Roland from pirates and raiders.[1]


The unit was based near the four main cities on New Roland. As the CCAF does not post front-line units in planet frequently, the 362nd sees more action that most of their equivalents on other planets.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 362nd Confederation Air Regiment
Zhong-shao Tung Li 3075[1]


The regiment specializes in bombing and ground strike missions, through they can handle themselves against airborne enemies.[1]

Composition History[edit]


362nd Confederation Air Regiment[1]

  • 1749th Strike Wing "The Golden Hawks" (Wing/Veteral/Fanatical)
  • Zhong-shao Tung Li
  • 4571st Attack Wing "The Silver Falcons" (Wing/Regular/Fanatical)
  • 8068th Attack Wing "The Bronze Eagles" (Wing/Regular/Fanatical)
  • 9428th Strike Wing "The Wind Dragoons" (Wing/Regular/Reliable)

Each wing consists of three squadrons and a command triple of Inseki II heavy strike fighters acting as a reserve.[1]




The pilots of the Inseki II are Veteran pilots.[2]

1749th Strike Wing[edit]

The Wing gets a -2 to-hit modifier against non-airborne units and suffers a +1 to-hit modifier against airborne units.[2]

4571st Attack Wing[edit]

The Wing suffers a +2 to-hit modifier against VTOL and other non-aerospace airborne vehicles and gets a -1 to hit modifier against non-airborne units.[2]

8068th Attack Wing[edit]

The Wing gets a +1 to all initiative rolls against aerospace fighters. If commanding officer Darnell Calmes is command, the bonus raises to +2.[2]

9428th Strike Wing[edit]

The Wing only suffers a +1 air-to-ground attack modifier when making bombing attacks.[2]


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