372nd BattleMech Division

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372nd BattleMech Division
Formed unknown
Nickname The Asia Division[1]
Affiliation SLDF
Parent Command XXVI Corps


The Three Hundred Seventy-second BattleMech Division was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army.


In 2765, the unit was assigned, as a part of the XXVI Corps, Tenth Army, to District 3 of the Free Worlds League Military Region. The unit was the best equipped of XXVI Corps and was based on Keeling next to the Corps headquarters. It was also one of the best performing divisions in the Corps and formed the main striking element of any conflict involving XXVI Corps.[2]

It later moved to an undisclosed area of the Periphery.[3] The 372nd was destroyed during the Periphery Uprising in 2765.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 372nd BattleMech Division
Major General Sharell Utsler 2764[1]




As an SLDF BattleMech division the 372nd would have been formed from two Brigades of BattleMech regiments and a brigade of Mechanized Infantry regiments.[4]


  • 3721st Brigade [5]
  • 3722nd Brigade
  • 3723rd Brigade


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