38th Division (Word of Blake)

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38th Division
Formed Late 3060s
Disbanded 3075
Nickname Purity of Devotion
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Word of Blake Militia

The Thirty-eighth Division was a Word of Blake hidden military unit that was later revealed to the Inner Sphere in the opening stages of the Jihad. The unit was known for its operations in the Lyran Operation Theater of the war, specifically on Hesperus II.


Early Years[edit]

The unit first appeared in a raid masquerading as Kuritan forces in April 3068 while striking at the Lyran world of Edasich. Hitting various locations across the planet in paired Level II formations in an effort to mimic Combine companies, they devastated cities and industries in these simultaneous attacks.

In September of 3069, the unit conducted a swift nuclear strike against Summer, hitting the planetary capital city of Curitiba. Again they had been doing this while flying under false colors and accompanied by a flotilla of Pocket WarShips. The raid resulted in the destruction of the local Com Guard unit protecting the planet. The unit swiftly left the scene before Skye forces could discover whom had attacked. While doing so, the 38th Division's force attempted to raid Skye itself while these forces investigated. However, the raid ran into the problem, Lyran Battlecruiser LAS Fylgia which had gone missing was in system. The 38th deployed its AeroSpace Fighters to try and deliver a nuclear attack, but were wiped out before making the attempt. The 38th Division managed to withdraw from Skye, and conducted an orbital nuclear attack against Menkent before returning to friendly space.[1]

Invasion of Hesperus II[edit]

In February 3070, the 38th with the 40th Shadow Division invaded Hesperus II as part of the Operation: Steel Hammer. The invasion was made possible after previous years of raiding laid the ground work for task force's attack. The invasion force's Lola III Class Destroyer, End of Wisdom and its flotilla of Pocket of WarShips paved a way through Hesperus's Aerospace forces. After the destruction of the Fox Class Corvette, LAS Melissa Steiner, the invasion force blockaded the planet and forced the defenders of Defiance Industries to surrender.[2] The unit was later refitted by newly augmented factories of Hesperus, for its next mission.

The Arc-Royal Assault[edit]

The 38th with the 2nd Division and 43rd Shadow Division deployed to Arc-Royal where they were to assault the planet. Attempting to slip by Naval forces under false colors, the WoB forces were found out. Naval forces inflicted heavy damage on the 38th and its fellow Division mates as they escaped. The unit itself had been reduced to two Level III forces.


The division participated in a number of off-world actions—most notably on Arcturus in 3073.[3]

Stone's Assault on Hesperus II[edit]

The surviving forces of the Division had returned to Hesperus II to recover, but by 3074 they had still not built up their strength. In December of that year, Devlin Stone's coalition forces invaded Hesperus II. During the brutal fight for the planet, the unit defended the Defiance Industries complexes along the Second Division. The Precentor Martial split his forces and sent the Battle Corps Legion and a mixed mercenary command against the Thirty eighth Division while the First Com Guards Army faced the Word's Second Division, with both WoB divisions supported by Castle Brian-like fortifications. Just after one day, the assault stalled. During the next seven days a brutal fighting converted an extended siege to a final push, where the Com Guards' Seventy-ninth Division was able to breach the defenses and gain access to the mountain complex. The Seventy-ninth's opened the can on the Word's hold on Defiance Industries, but it took another month before Com Guards battle armor were able to clear the facility of Blakist troops and saboteurs.[4] Only two Level II formations survived the battle.[3]

Following the heavy damage taken by the 38th, the Division was disbanded with the remaining personnel merged into the 3rd Division.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 38th Division
Precentor VIII Maria Paez 3070 - 3074[3]


The unit is trained in raiding and anti-raiding tactics.[6]

Composition History[edit]



  • 2 Level III formations


  • 2 Level II formations

Game Rules[edit]


When this force is defending a base, unit, or other objective against a raiding force, their opponents receive a –3 Initiative penalty to reflect the unit's ability to “read” their battle plan.[3]


The report given in the Jihad Secrets: The Blake Documents are written as canon scattered intelligence report and facts about the unit may not be solid.


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