394th Division (ComStar)

394th Division IV-tau
Formed mid 3030's
Nickname The White Lions
Affiliation ComStar
Parent Command Fifth Army

One of the most elite units in the Com Guards, the 394th Division are noted for their actions against Clan Jade Falcon during both the Battle of Tukayyid and The Great Refusal.


Prior to the initial Clan Invasion the veteran rated Three-Hundred and Ninty-Fourth Division was assigned to the Twelfth Army. Then a IV-lambda based formation, the 394th's headquarters world was Otho in the Draconis Combine.[1]

While the bulk of the 12th Army faced Clan Nova Cat, Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht assigned the 394th to assist the divisions of the relatively inexperienced Third and Eleventh Armies combat Clan Jade Falcon, the Three-Hundred and Ninety-Fourth the closest division to the Falcon's assigned landing zones.

Allowing them to land unopposed, Focht exploited the Jade Falcons cautious and slow moving advance by ordering Precentor Gesicki to pull her scouts back and have the 394th "strike and hiss", to engage in hit and run attacks that were shown to most effective again the Clans. Venturing out in Level II groups, the troops of the 394th proceeded to launch endless ambushes on the Falcon advance, unleashing a massive hail of fire and retreating before the Clan warriors could effectively engage them. Suffering only minimal losses in return, the 394th's attacks convinced the overly cautious Jade Falcons that they were facing not one but multiple divisions from the Eleventh Army, successfully delaying their advance and buying the defenders of Plough Bridge and Robyn's Crossing vital time to prepare. Tying up the Falcons for almost a week, far-longer than the Precentor Martial had anticipated, Focht ordered the exhausted 394th to withdrawal for reset and refit, holding them back in reserve to defend against a possible Falcon breakout that never eventuated.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

Now rated elite after their efforts on Tukayyid, the 394th was transferred from the 12th Army to bolster the shattered Fifth Army, moving their headquarters first to Procyon in the Sarna March alongside the Sixth Army's 31st Division [8] and then Hall after Operation Guerrero in 3057. [9] The division's morale almost bottomed out after their withdrawal from Procyon allowed the Sirian Holds Massacres to occur, but Precentor Martial Focht's selection of the 394th to travel with the relief force to Huntress boosted them immeasurably, enhanced further when the 394th then CO Precentor Harvison was selected to lead ComStar's forces in the Great Refusal.[10]

While the morale of other divisions of the Fifth Army was still poor after continuing pressure from both the Capellan Confederation and the Word of Blake, as well as Gavin Dow's short-lived tenure as Precentor Martial-Pro Tem during the FedCom Civil War, the 394th were the exception, the division in good spirits since their return from Clan space thanks to the efforts of new CO Precentor Reine and a series of successful operations in the Chaos March. [11]

The White Lions took part in the ill-fated Case White attack on Terra in March 3068.[12] During the attack on Terra they designated the city of Houston as their emergency evacuation point. The city, and all the members of the 394th in it, were destroyed by nuclear weapons. They were also blamed by the Word of Blake for the use of nuclear weapons in Houston.[13]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 394th Division (ComStar)
Precentor Anna Gesicki 3050 - 3052[10][8]
Precentor Harris Harvison 3052 - 3061[8][10]
Precentor Elayne Rein 3061 - 3067[10][11]



Composition History[edit]


394th Division (Division/Veteran)[14]

Note: At this point in time the 394th Division was stationed on Otho.[14]


394th Division (Division/Elite) [15]

Note: At this point in time the 394th Division was stationed on Procyon.[15]


  • Manyfold Paths III-tau - Demi-Precentor VI Julius Havanna
  • The Mummers III-rho - Demi-Precentor V Joseph Czart
  • Bloodied Hopes III-tau - Demi-Precentor I Edwin Rymek The
  • Lion's Mane III-phi - Demi-Precentor III Antonio Velez
  • Moonchildren III-sigma - Demi-Precentor IX Renee Dempster
  • The Bull Dancers III-upsilon - Demi-Precentor II Orson Baker


  • The Division's insignia shows a lion rampant on a golden sunburst. [10]


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