3rd Alexandrian Militia

3rd Alexandrian Militia
Affiliation Terran Alliance
Parent Command Alliance Global Militia


The 3rd Alexandrian Militia was a Militia unit formed in Alexandria.[1].


The battle for Alexandria lasted for four months, and during the campaign the Fourteenth and the Twenty-ninth were involved in the battle to capture the University of Thebes, which was defended by forces from the Third Alexandrian Militia. The battle for Alexandria resulted in the deaths of more than three thousand Alexandrian Militia soldiers, but despite defeating the Militia the Alliance was unable to hold the planet because of critical supply shortages and a lack of reinforcements; as a result, the Fourteenth and the other units involved in the campaign were withdrawn in June 2238, effectively giving up control of the planet.[1]

Amongst those who saw combat against the Fourteenth was a sergeant in the Third Alexandrian Militia named Hector Worthington Rowe, who was left permanently embittered and angry from the campaign, and who would eventually found the Periphery nation known as the Rim Worlds Republic.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Alexandrian Militia





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