3rd Battle (Clan Jade Falcon)

Clan Jade Falcon Logo
3rd Battle Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3070)
Nickname The Falcon's Honor
Parent Formation Sigma Galaxy
Disbanded 3070 (Destroyed)


After Operation Revival the Third Battle Cluster provided the Jade Falcon Garrison for their enclave on Strana Mechty. However in practice the Cluster detailed one Trinary to serve as the Honor Guard, with the balance of the unit functioning as a mobile reserve force throughout the 3050s and 3060s.[1][2][3]

In 3061 the Falcons confronted Clan Diamond Shark over that Clan selling their Ha Otoko BattleMech to the Inner Sphere. The Sharks called for a Trial of Refusal stating it was the warrior that made the difference not the machine and defended with second line 'Mechs only. The Third was chosen to represent the Falcons, but were defeated.[4]

In January 3070 the Steel Viper's Triasch Keshik assaulted the Falcon holdings on Strana Mechty and after only a few hours had destroyed every last Falcon warrior.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Battle
Star Colonel Maraig Binetti 3059[1]
Star Colonel Sujatha Mattlov 3067[3]


The Cluster were not noted for any specific tactics.

Composition History[edit]


Third Battle Cluster - Elite/Fanatical [1]


Third Battle Cluster - Elite/Fanatical [3]

  • 100% full strength with 95% of the force equipped with OmniMechs



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