3rd Bear Guards (Rasalhague Dominion)

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3rd Bear Guards (Clan Ghost Bear).jpg
Third Bear Guards Cluster
Nickname The ilKhan's Shield
Affiliation Rasalhague Dominion
Clan Ghost Bear (previous)
Parent Command Alpha Galaxy


Early Years[edit]

The Third Bear Guards nickname stems from the Third's role in serving as the honor guard for ilKhans Nicholas Kerensky and Jerome Winson whenever they traveled in Ghost Bear territory. The Third has been a showcase unit for the Ghost Bears ever since, and was one of the units to fight in the Trials that determined the invasion corridors for each Clan during the planning for Operation REVIVAL.[1] During those Trials, they defeated forces from Clan Hell's Horses, Clan Goliath Scorpion, and Clan Steel Viper and lost to Clan Smoke Jaguar. This afforded them the Free Rasalhague Republic/Draconis Combine invasion corridor.[2]

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

The Third developed a reputation for ruthlessness during the invasion of the Inner Sphere;[1] the Third fought on the following worlds during the invasion of the Inner Sphere:

Wave Two[edit]

The Third Bear Guards faced militia troops on Trondheim.[3]

Wave Four[edit]

On Casere the Third faced the fanatically loyal Second Hussars of the Free Rasalhague Republic in September 3050. Using their light elements to to harass the 3rd Guards, the Hussars lured the Cluster into an old industrial sector where their heavier elements waited in reinforced positions. The close-quarters fighting negated the superior range and speed advantage of the Third's Clan-Tech, but not the Cluster's heavy firepower. With both sides refusing to retreat, the Third were forced to destroy the Second Hussars to a man.[4] [3]

Wave Five[edit]

After rebuilding for a year the Third Guards (and all of Alpha Galaxy) attacked Alshain. The defending 2nd Sword of Light frustrated the Third Guards' attempts to take the Fareer Canyons for several months. Finally it appeared as if the Second had retreated and the Third Guards pursued them. This was a trap however, and the Second inflicted serious losses on the Third Guards before withdrawing.[5]


Fought the 308th Com Guard Division on the advance to Spanac.

First Draconis Combine/Ghost Bear War[edit]

The First Draconis Combine / Ghost Bear War erupted following an attack on Alshain by rogue elements of the Alshain Avengers brigade of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery in 3062,[6] and as expected Alpha Galaxy played a prominent part in the Ghost Bear's retaliation against the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery.[7] The First Bear Guards struck at Idlewind while the Third Bear Guards attacked Garstedt.[8]

The Dark Age[edit]

Posted to Alshain after the Jihad, the Third Bear Guards were able to rebuild rapidly and to re-equip from factories producing the best new equipment available; the Third had been reduced to just one quarter of strength by 3079,[9] but by 3085 had more than doubled in strength while stationed on Alshain.[10]

The Third Bear Guards continued to serve as a part of Alpha Galaxy throughout the Dark Age. Alpha Galaxy continued to serve as the lead Galaxy for the Rasalhague Dominion, and as such spent a considerable amount of time protecting Alshain, the cultural heart of Clan Ghost Bear. Given that Khan Dalia Bekker regarded the Republic of the Sphere with reverence it was a foregone conclusion that Alpha Galaxy would be sent to secure the worlds of Alrakis and Konstance as the Inner Sphere began to erupt into widespread warfare again. Having deployed in 3135, Alpha Galaxy only remained in place until Omega Galaxy secured Vega.[11]

Although Alpha Galaxy wasn't around for subsequent events leading up to the formation of the Vega Protectorate, many in Alpha came to feel that steps should have been taken to prevent Omega Galaxy from "going native" at the time, and given Khan Bekkar's conservative views there was a building sense of expectation that Alpha would be called on to remove Omega's taint.[11]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Bear Guards (Clan Ghost Bear)
Star Colonel Hunter Tseng Operation REVIVAL[12]
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Bear Guards (Ghost Bear Dominion)
Star Colonel Sarah DelVillar 3061 - 3085[1][13][10]
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Bear Guards (Rasalhague Dominion)
Star Colonel Teressa Gilmour 3145[14]


The command can counter the actions of enemy formation with equal or superior reactions.[1] The Cluster will undertake any means necessary to secure victory.



  • Trinary Command - Star Captain Helen Jorgensson
    • Alpha Command Star (5 OmniMechs)
    • Bravo Command Star (5 OmniMechs)
    • Charlie Command Star (5 OmniMechs)
  • 219th Assault Trinary - Star Captain Andre Hannifan
    • Alpha Assault Star (5 OmniMechs)
    • Bravo Assault Star (5 OmniMechs)
    • Charlie Assault Star (5 OmniMechs)
    • Tango Support Star (25 Elementals)
  • 12th Battle Trinary - Star Captain Paul Homaovi
    • Alpha Striker Star (5 OmniMechs)
    • Bravo Striker Star (5 OmniMechs)
    • Charlie Nova (5 OmniMechs, 25 Elementals)
  • 45th Elemental Support Binary - Star Captain Sarah DelVillar
    • Alpha Elemental Star (25 Elementals)
    • Bravo Elemental Star (25 Elementals)
  • 34th Fighter Binary - Star Captain Dale Kabrinski)
    • Alpha Fighter Star (10 OmniFighters)
    • Bravo Fighter Star (10 OmniFighters)



Third Bear Guards (Elite/Reliable)[1]

  • 4 Trinaries
- The Third were stationed on Trondheim at this point in time.[15]


Third Bear Guards (Elite/Reliable)[13]

- The First were stationed on Alshain at this point in time and were at two-thirds of full strength. Three-quarters of the First were using Clan-level technology, whilst seventy percent were equipped with OmniMechs or their equivalents.[13]


Third Bear Guards (Elite/Reliable)[9]

- At this point in time almost two thirds of the Third were using OmniMechs.[9]


Third Bear Guards (Elite/Reliable)[10]

- At this point in time the Third were operating at sixty percent of full strength with almost half of the cluster using OmniMechs.[10]


Third Bear Guards (Veteran/Reliable)[14]

- At this point in time the first was stationed on Tinaca and was at eighty-five percent of full strength; almost two-thirds of the Guards were equipped with OmniMechs.[14]



  • Opponents of the Third Bear Guards suffer a -1 Initiative penalty and lose any terrain-based special unit abilities.[12]


  • The Third Bear Guards can cancel out several movement-related Force Specific Rules: Specifically Off-Map Movement and Terrain-related modifiers.[16]
  • The Third Bear Guards may employ the Overrun Combat special ability.[16]
  • The Third Bear Guards receive a +1 initiative bonus. [16]
  • When generating a force randomly the Third apply a +1 modifier to all rolls that determine unit weights.[16]


  • In common with every other unit in the Clan Ghost Bear touman at this point in time, the Third Bear Guards receives a +1 modifier to any dice roll on Random Weight-Class tables to determine Star or Binary/Trinary type.[17]
  • As a part of Alpha Galaxy the Third Bear Guards receives a +1 Bonus to Initiative rolls.[18]
  • As a part of Alpha Galaxy the commander of each Star within the Third Bear Guards may choose to deploy in any OmniMech in any configuration rather than determining their 'Mech randomly.[18]
  • When the Third are fighting against a Clan opponent that opponent receives a -1 Penalty to Initiative rolls for the duration of the battle.[18]
  • When the Third are fighting against a Clan opponent that opponent loses any terrain-based special unit abilities for the duration of the battle.[18]


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