3rd Canopian Light Horse

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Third Canopian Light Horse
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Defiant to the End
Parent Formation Chasseurs á Cheval
Formed 2531-2577


One of the four regiments that historically made up the Chasseurs á Cheval within the Magistracy Armed Forces, the 3rd Canopian Light Horse were destroyed during the Reunification War,[1] but the regiment was recreated when the Magistracy Armed Forces began expanding in later years.


Reunification War[edit]

Originally formed during the Age of War after the founding of the Magistracy Free State - later known as the Magistracy of Canopus - the 3rd Canopian Light Horse fought valiantly in the Reunification War until the unit's destruction. Prior to the Reunification War, the primary duty of the 3rd had been anti-terrorist operations,[1] and when war broke out the 3rd were notionally assigned as the garrison force for the world of Restitution,[2] but were actually part of an elaborate shell game played by the commander of the MAF forces, Colonel Adam Buquoy.


When the Star League task force invading the Magistracy sent the 57th Brigade to invade Restitution with the 62nd Royal Brigade, 3rd Marik Militia and the 2nd Brigade of the Fusiliers of Oriente in support,[3] they expected resistance and planned a daring drop onto the defenses of the planetary capital to try and prevent an extended campaign. Instead, the Star League Defense Force forces found that the 3rd Light Horse had vanished - only for the 3rd Light Horse to reappear shortly after on the world of Cranston.[4]


The 3rd Light Horse transports entered the Cranston system through a pirate jump point and successfully landed on the planet, bringing AeroSpace support with them; the 58th Brigade had been trying to pin down the defending 1st Canopian Grenadiers with the assistance of a supporting Free Worlds League Military unit, either the 1st Marik Militia or the 2nd Orloff Grenadiers, and suddenly found itself with a war on two fronts. The SLDF commanding General decided to split his force, allowing the greater part to concentrate on the Grenadiers while the remainder tried to stop the 3rd Light Horse from linking up with the 1st Grenadiers. The Canopian regiments bloodied the 58th Brigade and established what became the watchword for MAF tactics during the Reunification War, executing a highly-mobile defense that played to their strengths.[4][3]


In mid-2579 the SLDF task force assigned the 57th Brigade and the 61st Royal Brigade to conquer Eleusis, reinforced by the 401st Independent Regiment, the 35th Royal CAAN Marine Regiment - all drawn from VII Corps - the 5th Marik Militia and the 1st Brigade of the Fusiliers of Oriente, drawn from the Marik auxiliaries supporting VII Corps.[3] The SLDF expected to face a couple of 'Mech regiments supported by a handful of conventional regiments, but had been outmaneuvered by the MAF; instead, they faced four 'Mech regiments, including the 1st, 2nd [1]and 3rd Light Horse alongside the mercenary unit Samuelson's Slaughterers plus eighteen conventional regiments.[1]

The MAF forces turned what should have been a two-week campaign into a six month campaign, inflicting more damage on the SLDF than they suffered in turn, but slowly losing because the MAF supply chain couldn't keep up with losses due to battlefield attrition as well as the SLDF support network. Orders received from Colonel Buquoy and countersigned by Magestrix Crystalla Centrella ordered the various MAF forces to retreat on the 19th of September; the MAF could have held out for several more months, but only at the cost of all the units being lost.[1]


Less than a year after the battle for Eleusis, the 3rd Light Horse faced the SLDF again, this time on the world of Gallis. Outnumbered significantly by the 59th Brigade and supporting FWLM regiments, the Light Horse fought alongside Buquoy's Bandits and managed to sting the SLDF units before retreating to preserve their strength for later campaigns.[1]


The last battle of the Reunification War that the 3rd Light Horse would fight was on the important industrial world of Tetski. The 3rd Light Horse defended Tetski on the ground, while a MAF naval picket defended the system; the SLDF inserted two battalions of the 1st Marik Militia onto Tetski in early September 2582, a distraction intended to tie up the 3rd Light Horse. After five days of extended combat across the wilds of Tetski, the SLDF launched the second stage of the invasion, launching a surprise assault where a large WarShip contingent tore through the defending picket, destroying both vessels before dropping the 58th Brigade onto the planet along with more than two regiments of FWLM forces. The 3rd Light Horse made a high-speed run to the capital city of Tokhai and the vital BattleMech repair facilities there, arriving just ahead of the SLDF troops. Refusing calls to surrender in the face of overwhelming numbers, the 3rd Light Horse fought to the last man, inflicting heavy losses on the invaders before the regiment was destroyed.[1]

Star League Era[edit]

The Third was rebuilt by the Magistracy after the end of the Reunification War. The Third was frequently deployed as part of the Magistracy's rapid response force, and frequently encountered bandits and pirates. To assist in this task, they had the usual complement of JumpShips and DropShips, but were also supported by a permanently assigned Pinto-class WarShip. In 2765 they were based on Canopus IV, but the SLDF's Intelligence Command suspected that they were also being used to raid Free Worlds League systems.[5]

Clan Invasion[edit]

The Third was rebuilt in 3057. They were proud to inherit the mantle of the original Third Light Horse, but their lack of activity since their founding led to a unit that wasn't performing at its full potential. The unit was eager to fight, but the MCC's unwillingness to post them to an active border led to their dissatisfaction with their deployment. The unit's morale suffered deeply because of this, and led to a tense relationship with the Magistrix.[6] This tension continued through 3067.[7]


The 3rd Light Horse was still stationed on Adherlwin when the Word of Blake hit the Magistracy of Canopus with a broad HPG blackout; shortly after the local HPGs went down, the Blakists attacked Adherlwin with a mix of their own forces and hired mercenaries. The 3rd Light Horse were quickly routed, with the majority of the senior staff killed; the highest-ranking officer to survive the initial battles was Major Elizabeth DeLaHunt, who assumed command of the survivors and led them on an extended guerrilla campaign against the Blakists until she was killed by the 41st Shadow Division in late February 3072. The 3rd Light Horse's efforts against the Blakists were severely hampered by their lack of modern equipment, but they continued to fight under the command of Major Joe Cataio, the last surviving senior officer, up until the end of the Jihad. By the time the 3rd left Adherlwin, almost half of their casualties lay in unmarked graves within the Meniuk Forest.[8] By 3079 the 2nd had been redeployed to Marantha, but were still only at just over half strength.[9]

The Dark Age[edit]

After the Jihad Major Cataio was promoted to Colonel, and given command of the regiment formally; after his promotion, Cataio did his best to ensure that the Third received more advanced technology and upgrades, to prevent an occurrence of their losses on Adherlwin. The Meniuk Forest on Adherlwin was declared a mass grave and a national reserve by the Magistracy in honor of the dead from the Chasseurs á Cheval buried there. The Third was redeployed to the world of Borgan's Rift, close to Adherlwin, and dispensation for transport was given for any who wished to travel to Adherlwin to pay their respects.[8]

By the mid-thirty-second century the Third was considered to be the most mobile of the Chasseurs á Cheval, and had been deployed for some time on the border between the Capellan Confederation and the Duchy of Andurien. First posted to the region at the beginning of the century, the Third had initially been used as a rapid reaction force to prevent forces from the Duchy from raiding Capellan supply depots in the region. With the improved relations between the Duchy, the Magistracy, and the Confederation, the Third redeployed further coreward and the Third's mission changed to engaging raiders from the Oriente Protectorate and launching retaliatory raids.[10] Since being posted to Boardwalk the Third sometimes acted alongside the Second Canopian Fusiliers who were based on the nearby world of Iknogoro.[11]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Canopian Light Horse
Major Wilhelm Archal 3025[12]
Major Betty Kadara 3050 - 3054[13][14]
Colonel Betty Kadara 3064 - 3067[15][16]
Colonel Joe Cataio 3085[17]
Colonel Yukiko Mello 3145[18]


They haven't developed any unique fighting style.[15]

Composition History[edit]


Third Canopian Light Horse (Veteran/Fanatical)[19]

- At this point in time the Third Light Horse was stationed on Canopus IV.[19]


Third Canopian Light Horse (Green/Questionable)[12]

  • CO: Major Wilhelm Archal


Third Canopian Light Horse (Regular/Reliable)[13][14]

  • CO: Major Betty Kadara


Third Canopian Light Horse (1 Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[15]

  • CO: Colonel Betty Kadara
  • 2nd Battalion: Major Elizabeth DeLa
  • 3rd Battalion: Major Joe Cataio

Third Light Horse Armor Guard (2 Battalions/Green/Questionable)[15]

  • Armor Commander: Colonel Cynthia Janetka

Third Light Horse Infantry Guard (1 Battalion/Veteran/Reliable)[15]

  • Infantry Commander: Major Stefan Kukuc


Third Canopian Light Horse (1 Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[16]

  • CO: Colonel Betty Kadara

Third Light Horse Armor Guard (2 Battalions/Green/Reliable)[16]

  • Armor Commander: Colonel Cynthia Janetka

Third Light Horse Infantry Guard (1 Battalion/Veteran/Reliable)[16]

  • Infantry Commander: Major Stefan Kukuc


Third Canopian Light Horse (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[9]

  • At this point the 3rd had been reduced to 55% of full strength and had managed to equip 10% of their equipment with advanced technology.


Third Canopian Light Horse (Veteran/Reliable)[17]

  • CO: Colonel Joe Cataio
- By 3085 the 3rd had rebuilt to 70% of full strength, and had increased the amount of advanced technology within the regiment to the point where 23% of their equipment had been upgraded.

Third Light Horse Air Guard (Green/Fanatical)[17]

  • CO: Air Master Minoru Shizuka
- The Air Guard was better manned and equipped than the bulk of the 3rd at this point, operating at 85% of full strength and with 68% of their equipment mounting advanced technology.

Third Light Horse Armor Guard (Regular/Reliable)[17]

  • CO: Colonel Uduak Zuberi
- The Light Horse Armor Guard had only managed to reach 45% of full strength by 3085, although 62% of their equipment featured advanced technology.

Third Light Horse Infantry Guard (Elite/Reliable)[17]

  • CO: Colonel Angjelko Croft
- The Infantry Guard were at 80% of full strength at this point, but used no advanced technology within the formation.


Third Canopian Light Horse (Veteran/Fanatical)[18]

  • CO: Colonel Yukiko Mello

Third Light Horse Air Guard (Regular/Fanatical)[18]

  • CO: Major Thomaso Zalman

Third Light Horse Armor Guard (Veteran/Reliable)[18]

  • CO: Colonel Guiseppe Morey

Third Light Horse Infantry Guard (Veteran/Fanatical)[18]

  • CO: Colonel Kiyoko Ragan
- At this point in time the Third was operating at between sixty and eighty percent of full strength.



Reunification War[edit]

  • Chasseurs à Cheval units gain a +1 bonus to Initiative Rolls.[20]
  • Chasseurs à Cheval units may use Off-Map movement[20]


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