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3rd Capellan Chargers

Capellan Chargers.png
Third Capellan Chargers
Nickname Bithinian Stratiotai[1]
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Parent Command Capellan Chargers


Tracing its origins back to the Capellan Hegemony Armed Forces, the Third Capellan Chargers were amongst the premiere offensive formations of the Capellan Hegemony and, later, the Capellan Confederation. Maintaining the traditions and ideals of the Capellan state, the Third Chargers were active throughout the Age of War, with the cavaliers of the Third often being found in the midst of the thickest fighting during Capellan offensives, operating as a part of the armored core of the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces.[1]

The Capellan Chargers were one of the first Capellan brigades to receive BattleMechs, and while the Chargers were never the largest of brigades, the various regiments maintained high standards of excellence in combat and proper decorum. The Third Chargers were deactivated during the formation of the Star League Defense Force, with many of the personnel from the Third transferring into the service of the Star League where they served with distinction.[1]

Only two regiments of Chargers were maintained as active regiments during the early Star League era, but after the repeal of the Council Edict of 2650 by the Star League Council in 2752 the CCAF began expanding rapidly, and both the Third Chargers and a sister regiment, the Fourth Capellan Chargers, were reactivated. The process by which the Third was reactivated left the regiment with a collective chip on its shoulder, however; a large part of the personnel and equipment assigned to the Third were personnel rotated out of the First Capellan Chargers for failing to meet the standards of the demanding training regime implemented by the Commanding Officer of the First.[1]

Despite the perceived slight of being washed out of the First Chargers, the cavaliers of the Third Chargers were heavily indoctrinated with the brigade mythos of their apparent invincibility, an attitude that had the potential to become a critical flaw in combat.[1]

First Succession War[edit]

As one of the premier regiments serving the Capellan Confederation at the start of the First Succession War, the Capellan Chargers won many battles against opponents of equal strength or better. However, their unwillingness to retreat or surrender made them vulnerable to nuclear weapons and overwhelming odds. The unit was destroyed by the end of the First Succession War.[2]

The Strategios decided not to rebuild the regiment as their combat philosophy resulted in wasted resources for not enough gain.[2]


The Third Capellan Chargers was reformed sometime during Operation GREAT FLOOD as one of the Hidden Lion regiments resurrected by Chancellor Daoshen Liao using stockpiled equipment.[2] The new Capellan Chargers used the Augmented Regiment formations commonly found in the CCAF by 3145.[3] They were a front-line regiment of the Capella Commonality.[4]

Operation CELESTIAL REWARD and after[edit]

The Third Capellan Chargers were assigned raiding duties during Operation CELESTIAL REWARD. Moving from system to system in the Capellan March, they harassed local militias and attacked infrastructure like DropPorts, transit lines and storehouses. They engaged the First Brockton Training Battalion on Lee and the Fifth Avalon Hussars on Cammal but avoided open battles with them.[2]

On 25 March 3146 the Chargers along with the Third St. Ives Sentinels assaulted Cammal. Employing the same methods as on previous raids, elements of the Chargers deceived the defending Fifth Avalon Hussars into believing that this too was just another raid. As the Hussars surrounded the raiders on the Marlowe Heathers, the rest of the Chargers and the Third Sentinels descended upon the AFFS troops and routed them. By mid-April the Hussars had quit Cammal.[5]

Shortly afterwards the Third Chargers invaded their next target, Gallitzin, easily crushing the defending militia.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Capellan Chargers
Sang-shao Giuseppe Cappellatti 3145[7]


The Chargers of 3145 used hit and run tactics that maximized their light 'Mechs and vehicle's effectiveness. These units were often equipped with long range weaponry.[2]

Unit Emblem[edit]


A trio of javelins.[2]

Composition History[edit]


Third Capellan Chargers

The Third Chargers were a regular regiment of reliable loyalty and were based on the world of Cammal. The Third Chargers were predominantly equipped with light and medium 'Mechs.[1]


Third Capellan Chargers (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[8]

- At this point in time the Third was a light-weight regiment operating at full strength and was stationed on Cammal.[8] The unit was destroyed during the war. [8]


3rd Capellan Chargers (Green/Reliable)(80% Strength)[9]

  • CO: Sang-shao Giuseppe Cappelletti

1st Capellan Gryphons (Regular/Reliable)(85% Strength)[9]

1st Armored Charioteers (Regular/Reliable)(90% Strength)[9]

Alpha Phalanx (Green/Reliable)(75% Strength)[9]

  • CO: Zhong-shao Man Ho Hui


The unit had an "A" Equipment Rating. Their BattleMechs are mostly fast lights such as Assassins and Firebees. Their tanks are noted for their speed.[10][2][11] They were an Augmented Regiment.[3]


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