3rd Falcon Swoop (Clan Jade Falcon)

Third Falcon Swoop Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation Gamma Galaxy from 3067 to 3085
Iota Galaxy in 3145

Unit Description[edit]

The Third Falcon Swoop Cluster was a military formation within the Clan Jade Falcon Touman. From 3067 to 3085 the unit belonging to Gamma Galaxy, but by 3145 the unit had been transferred to Iota Galaxy.


During the rage of the FedCom Civil War, Clan Jade Falcon conducted an Incursion in 3064. Khan Marthe Pryde and her Turkina Keshik and 3rd Falcon Swoop conducted a Trial of Possession for Kooken's Pleasure Pit against its Lyran mercenary defenders, the Grave Walkers. Within an hour worth of fighting, the mercenaries had lost one battalion worth of troops to Falcons. Despite their experienced being stationed on border and surviving being destroyed by them in initial clan invasion of 3052, its commander Colonel Akru Kirah conceded that he would not be able to hold the planet. The Colonel fought and won personal trial of possession for right of invoking hegira leaving the planet in the hands of the Falcons.[1]

In January 3069, Clan Jade Falcon took advantage of the chaos caused by the Jihad and attacked Blackjack. The 3rd Falcon Swoop was assigned to this task and found Rubinsky's Light Horse defending the planet. The Light Horse initially beat back the 3rd Falcon Swoop Cluster. The following day, the Falcons sent a headhunter unit after the regiment's command staff. Colonel Rubinsky had anticipated the maneuver and dispatched Cassandra Allard-Liao and her battalion on a similar operation against the Falcon's on-world headquarters. Cassandra surprised the Falcons, who could not defend their base for a full ten minutes. At the cost of two 'Mechs, the first battalion nearly annihilated the Falcon base and supplies. When the Third called in reinforcements, the Light Horse quit Blackjack and retreated to Melissia, leaving Blackjack in Clan Jade Falcon Hands.[2]

In 3079 the Third Falcon Swoop Cluster was stationed in Sudeten.[3]

In 3085 the Third Falcon Swoop Cluster was stationed in Dompaire.[4]

In 3145 the Third Falcon Swoop Cluster was stationed in Jesenice.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Falcon Swoop



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  • The exact date of the formation of the Third Falcon Swoop is unclear, as it has not been published.


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