3rd Falcon Talon (Clan Jade Falcon)

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Third Falcon Talon Cluster
Nickname "The Jade Claymores"
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Parent Command Gamma Galaxy

The Third Falcon Talon was a Clan Jade Falcon military formation which long served the Clan since Invasion of the Inner Sphere.


During the Trials leading up to Operation Revival, the Third Falcon Talon represented the Jade Falcons.[1] They faced Clan Steel Viper, Clan Blood Spirit, Clan Nova Cat, and Clan Smoke Jaguar, and defeated all of them.[2]

Clan Invasion[edit]

During Operation Revival at start of 3050, unit was assigned to the Gamma Galaxy for the invasion of the Inner Sphere.

Hamstrung by the cautious bidding of its then CO Gran Newclay, the 3rd Falcon Talons split itself up into element units help assist taking objectives of the First Wave. Some these elements accompanied the Turkina Keshik in conquest of Here and 9th Falcon Talon Cluster on Barcelona. On world of Here, the 3rd Falcons help defeat the 8th Arcturan Guards RCT and its militia support brutal city fighting the forced the FedCom unit flee the planet. [3] [4]

While on Barcelona, the 3rd Falcons along with 9th Falcons fought a tough battle against the Lyran state's 17th Skye Rangers which they stalled their progress. This forced the invasion commander to call down the Falcon Guards to secure victory and force the Federated Commonwealth to give up the world. [3] [4]

With the glory seeking Gran Newclay emboldened by rumors that Prince Victor Steiner-Davion was among the survivors of the 12th Donegal Guards on Derf, the 3rd Falcon Talons undertook their only single solo planetary conquest during the Invasion in May 3050. Unfortunately the rumors would prove to be false, with the Third Talon losing face even as they quickly overwhelmed the small and disheartened survivors of 12th's Combat Vehicle and BattleMech elements to secure the planet within a day. The Third regained some of this lost honor after Clan Steel Viper was assigned to share the Falcons' invasion corridor, when the Third Talon successfully defeated the Vipers' Trial of Possession for La Grave.[4]

Among those forces selected for the Battle of Tukayyid, the Third's conservative commander butted heads with the unorthodox Aidan Pryde in pre-battle councils. The Third would see combat at Robyn's Crossing until the Falcons were forced to withdraw. Despite their antagonism, Pryde's Falcon Guards provided cover to allow the unit to retreat, earning the grudging respect from Gran Newclay and the survivors of the Third Talon.[4]

Refusal War[edit]

During the Falcon's reorganization of their Touman after Tukayyid, the Third was reassigned to garrison duty with Omicron Galaxy.[4] Only to return to Gamma in the wake of the Refusal War.[5]

First Jade Falcon Incursion and Battle of Coventry[edit]

In 3058, the 3rd Falcon Talons and rest of the Gamma Galaxy were assigned to invasion of the Lyran Alliance. The Third Talon was the most experienced unit that would land on the world.[5] The unit's notable action of the invasion was on Coventry, in April where the Third attempted to intercept Waco Rangers on landing, but however they were unable to prevent them making it into Leitnerton. Two trinaries attempted to block Ranger's push for Leitnerton.[6] They also hit Bucklands, destroying a militia unit in that system.[7]

Second Jade Falcon Incursion[edit]

During Marthe Pryde's second incursion in the Lyran Alliance, 3rd Talons were garrisoning Black Earth in the Occupation Zone in 3064. The planet was attacked in October by Lyran forces led by General Adam Steiner. The 3rd Talon's commander waged a three week conflict, during which he employed his Aerospace Fighter assets to harass the enemy. The Star Colonel, had secretly setup airfields on glaciers where able bogged down Lyran forces. However, at the end the Lyrans discovered 3rd Talon's airfields were force into battle with overwhelming forces. The unit was moderately damaged and forced to withdraw to Golandrinas.[8]


During the early stages of the Word of Blake Jihad, Gamma Galaxy Commander Amelia Icaza assigned an Elemental Trinary from the Third Talon to actively participate in Project Ferrum, the Falcon Scientist Caste's efforts to develop what eventually became the Ironhold Assault battle armor. After the elements of the Third tested the suit in the Periphery to great effect, mass production of the Ironhold was initiated upon their return to the Inner Sphere.

While quickly spreading to all Clan Jade Falcon Galaxies, based on the glowing reports of the Trinary who tested it, the Third Talon opted to equip all its Elementals with the suit. The increased fire-power and effectiveness of the Ironhold resulted in the increasing predominance of the relatively obscure Bang-Chu Elemental Bloodname among the ranks of the Third Talon. [9]

The Third Falcon Talon and First Falcon Hussars were placed under the command of Khan Marthe Pryde and sent to liberate Coventry.[10] In 3079 they were stationed on Cusset.[11]

In 3085 they were stationed on Sudeten.[12]

Dark Age[edit]

In 3099 the Third raided Grauss, which was defended by the 2nd Donegal Guards. The Falcons bid away all their air support, and the Second Donegal's aerospace fighters inflicted massive damage on the Falcons. The Falcons were driven off, suffering heavy losses.[13]

The Third raided La Grave in 3115. They faced the Blue Keshik of Clan Wolf. The Third used several Shrike BattleMechs to win two Trials of Possession before leaving the world.[14]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Falcon Talon Cluster
Star Colonel Cassandra Malthus [15]
Galaxy Commander Mar Helmer [1]
Star Colonel Gran Newclay 3050-3052+[16][4][17]
Star Colonel Cewen Newclay 3058[5]
Star Colonel Jonah Hazen 3085[12]


The 3rd Falcon Talons are trained to fight extensively in foul weather conditions.

During the Revival Trials they were also willing to use Death From Above attacks on bitter enemies, pirates, and other dezgra foes.[1]

Composition History[edit]


  • 3rd Falcon Talons[18]
    • Command Star (Star 'Mechs)
    • Trinary Alpha ('Mech Trinary) - CO: Star Captain Theodore Buhallin
    • Trinary Beta ('Mech Trinary) - CO: Star Captain Sandra Pryde
    • Trinary Charlie (1 Nova ('Mechs & Elements) 2 Elements Stars) - CO: Star Captain Gregor Mattlov
    • Trinary Delta ('Mech Trinary w/points of Elements) - CO: Star Captain Judy Helmer
    • Trinary Echo (Aerospace Fighter Trinary) - CO: Star Captain Ota Folkner


  • 3rd Falcon Talons - (5 Trinaries) - Star Colonel Cewen Newclay


  • 3rd Falcon Talons - (5 Trinaries) - Star Colonel Ceren Newclay[19]

Organization Structure[edit]


The unit was known as the 3rd Falcon Talons during the invasion of the Inner Sphere in 3050, and again in 3059.[20] In field manual update, the unit name was altered to simply 3rd Talon. Late publications the name has been switch back and forth.[21]

Game Notes[edit]

When using Force Specific Rules, 3rd Falcon Talon are trained in adverse conditions. When using scenario conditions which inflict rolls for adverse conditions including weather & night. The unit only suffers half the penalties rounded up.[22]


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