3rd FedCom RCT

3rd FedCom RCT
Unit Profile (as of 3063)
Nickname The Penitants
Parent Formation Federated Commonwealth Corps
Formed 3034

Three Battalions of refitted BattleMechs, two Heavy BattleMech Battalions and one Medium BattleMech battalion made up the 3rd FedCom RCT, and had a history of service on the world of Sarna until the Marik-Liao offensive of 3057 when the unit believed it failed in its duty to protect that world.


Formed in 3034, The Third Federated Commonwealth RCT recruited from both the Lyran Commonwealth and Federated Suns member-states in an attempt to build loyalty to the Federated Commonwealth as a whole. The unit was posted to the world of Sarna where the RCT built a strong relationship with that world's people, remaining stationed there for two decades. The Third FedCom would not see any action until 3049 when the Free Worlds League's 2nd Marik Militia raided Sarna in response to flawed intelligence that underestimated the strength of its defenses. The Third FedCom inflicted heavy losses on the shocked 2nd Marik, forcing the LCCC to order the 12th Atrean Dragoons to extricate the 2nd. While taking severe damage in the process, the Third FedCom was successful in driving off both the heavily battered FWLM units with the aid of the planetary militia and the Sarna Martial Academy Cadre. [1] [2][3]

In 3056 the Third FedCom was relocated to New Earth where they would be able to respond to the expected Skye Rebellion, but the conflict fizzled out before they saw any action, remaining on New Earth until the summer of 3057. Departing for Sarna, the Third only made it as far as New Aragon when the Marik-Liao offensive of 3057 happened. The RCT could only look on hopelessly as the Sarna March fragmented under rival claimants, soon becoming known as the Chaos March. The Third FedCom believed they had failed in its promise to protect the world of Sarna as it fell indirectly under the influence of the Capellan Confederation. Many in the RCT would blame Victor Steiner-Davion for the Marik-Liao offensive of 3057 and argued for joining the LAAF at Katherine Steiner-Davion's request, while others in the RCT believed that by doing so they would be abandoning the former Sarna March and they would fail in their promise to protect it, eventually choosing to remain in the Davion half of the Federated Commonwealth.[1]

The RCT would remain on New Aragon and act as that world's garrison while the 1st Aragon Borderers would take part in Operation Bulldog and would remain there even after the Borderers returned. New Aragon though was a contested world prior to the FedCom Civil War with the planet's population and units split between the two camps. The Third FedCom was given several orders to relocate offworld but would make excuses or deflect his superiors queries. The Aragon Borderers commander Leftenant General Jimmie Kirsten would issue his own orders to the Third FedCom to vacate certain regions and he was also given excuses. Even Marshall Piper Burullo, Valexa PDZ’s commander could not get the Third FedCom to budge. Then the fighting on Kathil began and both Burullo and Kirsten issued orders for the Third FedCom to move offplanet, using the 1st Aragon Borderers JumpShips and DropShips if necessary. Hauptmann General Charles Finnigan confirmed the order and mobilized his forces, but not for a withdrawal instead ordering his forces to march on Alexandria from two opposite directions, where the 1st Aragon Borderers were stationed. On December 9th the fighting began when the Twelfth Vegan Rangers under General Tom Stancel made a combat drop right on top of one the Third FedCom's columns, over one third of the Third FedCom's forces were killed or captured. The other column of Third FedCom were engaged by the 1st Aragon Borderers DropShips and 'Mechs in a concerted mobile defense a day away from Alexandria, soon the Third FedCom fragmented into several different units. Both the 1st Aragon Borderers and the Twelfth Vegan Rangers would stage raids on the Third FedCom's bases of operation, successfully taking one but failing to take the other. Meanwhile the Third FedComs forces rallied in the field and would attack Alexandria were the the 1st Aragon Borderers world defend the city, and only with aid from the Twelfth Vegan Rangers would they drive off the Third FedCom, the two sides soon separated to their respective bases. On January 4th the 1st Aragon Borderers would attack the Third FedCom's base but were repulsed by the Third FedCom's artillery, fortifications, and Infantry elements, and the 1st Aragon Borderers took heavy losses. Once again the Twelfth Vegan Rangers came to the 1st Aragon Borderers aid when they made another combat drop into the battle. It would devolve into a two week siege, and by the end of January the siege ended with the 1st Aragon Borderers and the Twelfth Vegan Rangers withdrawing. The 1st Aragon Borderers having being reduced to only a battalion of BattleMechs.[4]

By March, the Third FedCom staged a counter attack against the 1st Aragon Borderers and the Twelfth Vegan Rangers with the focus on destroying the Twelfth Vegan Rangers. Sending some troops to keep the 1st Aragon Borderers busy, the main force attacked the Twelfth Vegan Rangers base and succeeded in destroying or crippling their DropShips. In April the two sides jockeyed for position and soon the Twelfth Vegan Rangers thought they found a hole in the Third FedCom's position, so they attacked. Quickly finding themselves surrounded by the elements of the Third FedCom, the Twelfth Vegan Rangers continued to fight until the 1st Aragon Borderers came to their aid with their own combat drop. At the end of the day the 1st Aragon Borderers were able to save the Twelfth Vegan Rangers but had been reduced to only fifteen operational BattleMechs, though a dozen more could be repaired quickly. The Third FedCom attacked the two weakened units in an attempt to wipe them out. After ten days of fighting and after another combat drop, this time on the Third FedCom's Command Post, Hauptmann General Charles Finnigan was killed in his Devastator. For the next month and a half fighting continued but on May 11th, the fighting was brought to an end after just one more combat drop and fighting that lasted six hours the Third FedCom was essentially destroyed with over a third of its forces killed and the rest captured or deserting their posts and escaping into the planet's population.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd FedCom RCT
Hauptmann General Gregory Sykes 3058
Hauptmann General Charles Finnigan 3058 - 3063


The Third FedCom trains in defensive tactics and uses its engineering battalion to build fortifications and field emplacements backed up by its vehicles and BattleMechs.

Composition History[edit]


3rd FedCom RCT (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[6]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Sarna. [6]


3rd F-C RCT (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [7]

  • CO: Hauptmann General Gregory Sykes [7]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Sarna. [7]


3rd F-C RCT (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [8]

  • CO: Hauptmann General Gregory Sykes [8]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Sarna. [8]


In 3067 the unit consisted of:

  • 3rd FedCom Regiment
  • 3rd FedCom Armor Brigade
  • 3rd FedCom Infantry Brigade


  • Unlike other FedCom RCTs, the Third did not use the FedCom Corps crest aside from a few exceptions, instead replacing it with a stylized map of Sarna in white on a red rectangle as its insignia.
  • The Third did not use the normal FedCom Corps Parade color scheme instead painting their BattleMechs and Vehicles jet black.


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