3rd Fleet (Free Worlds League)

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3rd Fleet
Unit Profile (as of 2765)
Parent Formation Free Worlds League Navy


When Chancellor Barbara Liao insisted on the attack to Calloway going ahead, with Task Force Devlin burning towards Calloway VI - a two-week journey - unaware that the Free Worlds League Navy Third Fleet was waiting in two large groups at Holt and Oriente, and had been made aware of the attack. Twelve hours out from the surface of Calloway VI League assault craft and fighter carrier DropShips were waiting, and swarms of League aerospace fighters threw themselves at the lighter Capellan fighters. The resulting battle lasted two days, and by the time Task Force Devlin had managed to secure orbital supremacy above the planet the Task Force had lost seven more transport DropShips and two regiments of aerospace fighters.[1]

The Capellan landings went ahead, with the Task Force mustering roughly five regiments of 'Mechs - a number almost equaled by the defenders, who had spent two weeks fortifying positions, creating redoubts and evacuating civilians from the major cities on the planet. For ten days the Capellan ground forces fought a war of attrition against the defenders, hampered by the need to protect the Chancellor; when Barbara Liao finally announced a withdrawal from the planet only a third of the Red Lancers remained to evacuate her, and Barnabas Liao was killed along with the other members of the Ares Titans while attempting to fall back. Even as the Capellan forces evacuated from Calloway VI, they learned that their transport JumpShips had been destroyed. The FWLN Third Fleet had jumped to Calloway a week into Task Force Devlin's two-week approach to the planet; arriving close enough to the transport JumpShips to engage immediately, the Third Fleet had destroyed all bar two of the JumpShips, along with their small WarShip escort, and were burning towards Calloway VI, determined to avenge New Delos.[1]

Colonel Devlin assigned six WarShips to evacuate Barbara Liao, while his remaining forces acted as a rearguard against the vengeful League forces. By the time the Chancellor's ships were away, Devlin was dead, and the CSS Sundermann Liao had been destroyed, along with the bulk of Task Force Devlin. Of the original Task Force Devlin ships and forces, the survivors who managed to escape mustered just twelve WarShips, six attack DropShips, five 'Mech transports and three fighter carriers, transporting away the remnants of the ground forces - of which only the Red Lancers, Third Confederation Reserve Cavalry and Fifth Liao Lancers had managed to survive in any numbers. Lost during the naval battle was Baltazar Liao, aboard the Essex-class destroyer CCS Calseraigne, destroyed by the Aegis-class heavy cruiser FWLS Pleiades.[1]


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Commanding Officers of the 3rd Fleet



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The Free Worlds League Navy consisted of five fleet groups, with each fleet assigned to a League military district. Each fleet consisted of four Atreus-class battleships, one Aegis-class heavy cruiser, and two League-class destroyers. Other WarShips, JumpShips, and DropShips were assigned to each fleet as needed.[2]

In 2765 the flagship of the 3rd Fleet was the FWLS Accipiter.[2] The fleet also included the Aegis-class heavy cruiser FWLS Pleiades.[1]


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