3rd Kavalleri

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3rd Kavalleri logo CMKurita.jpg
Third Kavalleri
Formed Early 3030s
Disbanded August 3050 (destroyed)
Nickname Renar Spel[1]
Affiliation Free Rasalhague Republic
Parent Command Kavalleri

Unit Description[edit]

The Third Kavalleri was a medium weight and reconnaissance BattleMech Regiment, which was a military formation serving the Free Rasalhague Republic.[2]


In June 3050 the unit defended Kirchbach along the First Kirchbach Armored Regiment. The invading Clan Wolf used psychological warfare to their advance. After hearing terrible stories of the strength of the enemy the warriors were frightened. When the command meet the 4th Wolf Guards in combat, the unit started retreating and only one battalion was able to retreat off-world.[3]

Two months later, in August 3050, Clan Wolf forces landed on Basiliano to conquest the planet. The 3rd Kavalleri and the First Basiliano Mechanized Brigade were defending the planet, facing forces from Clan Wolf's Gamma Galaxy. The defenders were optimistic that they could use what they'd learned from their previous battles to stall clan forces. Unfortunately for both the Kavalleri and the militia, the invading forces - the Bronze Keshik and elements of the Seventh Battle Cluster were led in the field by Galaxy Commander Mikel Furey, one of the pre-eminent tacticians within the Clan Wolf touman.[4]

Furey kept the militia and Kavalleri off-balance with small probing attacks, making it impossible for Fraga to keep track of all of the Clan Wolf forces, before he led the Bronze Keshik in a flanking attack that hit the Kavalleri in the rear. The Kavalleri and militia were defeated in battles fought at Green Kurquat and Padua, with Fraga's 'Mech exploding after a ten-minute toe-to-toe duel with Furey at Padua.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Kavalleri
Överste Barrie Fraga 3050[5]



Composition History[edit]


  • Third Kavaleri (BattleMech Regiment) [Green Skilled, Fanatical Loyalty]
    • In June 3050, the regiment was equipped with BattleMechs, and was stationed on Kirchbach.[5]




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