3rd McHenry Jump Regiment

Third McHenry Jump Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 3029)
Parent Formation Sixth Crucis Lancers RCT


The Third McHenry Jump Regiment was an infantry regiment within the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. While serving as a jump infantry unit within the Sixth Crucis Lancers Regimental Combat Team during the Fourth Succession War the Third took part in at least one major battle, fought on the outskirts of Glory of Liao, the planetary capital city of the planet Mandate in the Capellan Confederation.[1]

The Third joined the battle at Glory of Liao at a key point; advance elements of the Lancers had been battling against local militia and volunteer forces as part of a campaign marked by the determined resistance of the local population to the AFFS invaders. Emotionally exhausted after enduring suicide attacks, constant sniper attacks, massed infantry charges and contaminated water supplies, the advance elements of the Lancers RCT - a company of medium 'Mechs, a company of light tanks and two battalions of infantry - found itself fighting against militia tanks and infantry as well as a regiment of civilian volunteers. The militia were using the volunteers as human shields, mixing themselves in with the volunteers as they charged the Lancer lines and threatening to overwhelm the Lancer elements; the Lancers had only manage to avoid being swamped by the arrival of a pair of Lancer Firestarters, one of which had been lost driving the Capellans back with its flamers.[1]

With the AFFS troops on the verge of being overrun for a second time, the Third deployed directly into the main body of the enemy forces, dropping from helicopters straight into the fighting. Those members of the Third who survived the drop regrouped to fight back-to-back against the militia and volunteers until more reinforcements from the Lancers arrived. The battle was so horrific, and the slaughter so great, that the population of Mandate chose to surrender, rather than stage a second such battle to defend Glory of Liao.[1]


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