3rd Royal BattleMech Division

Trinity Division.png
Third Royal BattleMech Division
Disbanded 2755
Nickname The Trinity Division
Affiliation Star League
Parent Command I Corps


The Third Royal BattleMech Division was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army. It was one of the SLDF's Royal units, which consisted of troops from the Terran Hegemony.


The Third was one of the first BattleMech divisions formed by the Star League and was stationed on Mars. Graduates from the Gunslinger Program were assigned to the Third Royal for a further six months of training, before being deployed to units in the Draconis Combine. [1]

In 2755, the division suffered heavy casualties interdicting a bandit attack. It was disbanded, with the survivors being transferred to other SLDF formations.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Royal BattleMech Division


The warriors of the Third were all skilled marksmen and the division became the focus of the SLDF's Gunslinger program.


As an SLDF BattleMech division, the Third would have been composed with two brigades of 'Mech regiments and a brigade of mechanized infantry regiments.[2]


  • 31st Royal Brigade [3]
  • 32nd Royal Brigade
  • 33rd Royal Brigade


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