3rd Sian Dragoons

Insignia of the Sian Dragoons
Third Sian Dragoons
Disbanded Destroyed during the Second Succession War, reformed during Dark Age
Nickname Guan Yu's Jade Cavalry[1]
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Parent Command Sian Dragoons


As part of the Sian Dragoons, the Third Sian Dragoons were a part of the largest BattleMech brigade in the history of the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces - both during the Age of War, and then again in the closing decades of the Star League era as the CCAF began rapidly expanding and reactivating regiments - and a regiment that could trace its origins back to when the first WAM-B BattleMechs were issued to support the tanks of the Sian Lancers.[1]

The Third Sian Dragoons were frequently used by the Strategios as a rapid strike force that would find a weakness in an enemy line and break through, allowing other Sian Dragoons regiments (like the Second) to drive the enemy from the field. In 2765 they were stationed on Aquagea.[1]

Succession Wars[edit]

The Third Sian Dragoons were based on Aquagea throughout the First Succession War[2], and were still on the planet in 2836 when that world was attacked as part of the Free Worlds League's Operation ATTRACT. Fighting valiantly, the Third managed to hold out against the Second Defenders of Andurien and Second Free Worlds Guards for nearly three months before retreating off-world. The Dragoons' commander swore to return to Aquagea and would do so two years later during the ComStar War[3]

By the end of the Second Succession War in 2864, the Dragoons were among those Capellan forces listed as 'destroyed'.[4]

Republic Era[edit]

The Third Sian Dragoons were one of the units re-created as part of the Hidden Lion initiative. Intelligence reports suggest that they were active and undergoing training in 3117. Their main training partners were the Death Commandos and various elements of the Capellan Hussars.

Dark Age[edit]

When they were released as part of Operation GREAT FLOOD, they were one of the first units deployed. They hit Foot Fall and Algot by quickly overrunning the defenders by hiding their 'Mechs in civilian DropShips. They later landed on Halloran V and used artillery to drive the defenders out of their positions. Once the defenders were on the move, the Third Dragoons used their speed to run them down.[5] They were stationed on Shuen Wan in 3145.[6]

On Almach they were prevented from taking the world by the 1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Sian Dragoons
Sang-shao Min-Qiang Wang 3145[6]



Composition History[edit]


Third Sian Dragoons (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable) [1]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Aquagea.


Third Sian Dragoons (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[8]

- At this point in time the Dragoons were a medium-weight regiment operating at full strength and were stationed on Aquagea.[8]


Third Sian Dragoons (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[8]

- At this point in time the Dragoons were a medium-weight regiment operating at half-strength and were stationed on Aquagea.[8]


3rd Sian Dragoons (Regiment/Elite/Fanatical) [9]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Aquagea with an operational readiness of 117 percent. [9] The unit was destroyed during the war. [9]


Third Sian Dragoons (Veteran/Fanatical)[6]

  • CO: Sang-shao Min-Qiang Wang

First Sian Firebirds (Veteran/Fanatical)[6]

  • CO: Kong-zhong-shao Jacot Levin

Fifty-fourth Gei Fu Lancers (Veteran/Reliable)[6]

  • CO: Zhong-shao Rhys Ryan

Third Dragoons Infantry (Regular/Fanatical)[6]

  • CO: Zhong-shao King Fai Chick


In the Dark Age Era the Third can use the Overrun Combat special ability. In addition if a Third Dragoons unit only travels on clear or paved terrain hexes for the entirety of their move, they receive +1 MP. (This operates identically to how ground combat vehicles gain an MP.)


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