3rd Sirian Lancers

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3rd Sirian Lancers
Disbanded 3078[1][2]
Nickname The Sothic Avengers
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Parent Command Sirian Lancers



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Third Succession War[edit]

The Third raided the Lyran planet Ford in April 3022. There, they experienced heavy losses as it appeared that the Commonwealth had received information about the coming attack and put their forces into ambush awaiting the Third. The Lancers were driven off world without completing their objectives.[3]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

With their best troops transferred to the Second Lancers in 3022, the Third was unable to hold Megrez against Lyran forces in 3027, although they did return, with mercenary support, three months later to recapture the planet.[4]

The Third spent the majority of the Fourth Succession War garrisoning Shiloh.[4]

Andurien Secession[edit]

Between 3040 and 3044 the Third rebuilt their troops and equipment. This included taking in some former Andurien troops.[4]

Operation GUERRERO[edit]

The Third defeated militia forces on Castor during Operation GUERRERO in autumn 3057.[4]

Operation BULLDOG[edit]

Around the same time as Operation Bulldog, the Third Sirian Lancers liberated worlds of the Sirian Holds from the crazed Alexander Gyrn. In 3067 the Third served as the repository of all Sirian Lancers who weren't citizens of the Sirian Concordance. Though considered "outsiders" by the other two Sirian Lancer units, the Third Lancers shared their comrades' disappointment and distrust of the Free Worlds League and its Captain-General.[5]


When Coalition forces led by Devlin Stone arrived to liberate New Home in March 3078 they expected to find the Third Sirian Lancers on the planet, along with the Forty-third shadow Division; the Forty-third promptly fought an extended and deadly series of cat-and-mouse games with the Coalition command group, delaying the liberation of the world.[6] The Forty-third kept the stalemate in place until the middle of April, at which point a Blakist fleet used a near-planet jump to jump into the New Home system and deploy two more Shadow Divisions onto the planet. The resulting two-week battle saw the allied forces take heavy damage as they attempted to eradicate the three Shadow Divisions. The New Home campaign cost the allies two WarShips and more than three regiments of ground troops before the planet was finally in coalition hands,[7] but also saw the Forty-third, Forty-fifth and Forty-seventh Shadow Divisions destroyed[8] along with a Blakist-suborned WarShip, the York-class CSJ Lioness.[9]

The Forty-fifth and Forty-seventh Shadow Divisions had arrived at a pirate point dangerously close to New Home as Stone's forces were burning towards the surface, resulting in the coalition forces having to find shelter as the two newly arrived Shadow Divisions rapidly put them under siege. Stone's Lament worked to try and block the Forty-fifth and Forty-seventh from the remainder of the task force, while the Battle Corps Legion made a desperate attempt to prevent the Forty-third from joining forces with their brethren.[1] Despite the coalition defense, they would probably have been wiped out if not for the Clan Nova Cat Aegis-class heavy cruiser NCS Promise[1] operating under the command of Star Admiral Alice Lenardon,[10] who deliberately put the Promise in a position where the Lioness could destroy it, but from which it could also drop a pinpoint orbital bombardment on the Forty-seventh Shadow Division as the Manei Domini risked a move into open terrain to try and flank Stone's Lament. The Promise was lost, but the bombardment combined with a savage counterattack by the Lament allowed Stone's forces to carry the day, but the Manei Domini forces fell back into the cities and forced the coalition forces to pursue them.[1] Also lost during the battle for New Home was the Aegis-class NCS Principle.[11]

The remainder of the ground campaign was largely over after 29 hours of brutal cityfighting, as the coalition fought block by block against the Blakist forces. The fighting was so intense - and damaging - that the Battle Corps Legion and the Nova Cat Sigma Galaxy took over seventy percent losses, and both escaped lightly compared to the Second FedSuns Armored Cavalry and Ryuken-roku, which were effectively destroyed during the fighting.[1] Considered to have been destroyed in action,[2] the Lancers claimed to have been fighting for the freedom and protection of the Sirian Concordance, before surrendering to the Coalition. The survivors requested to be integrated into the Republic Armed Forces, with the expectation of being allowed to join as many other commands had, but instead discovered that the Coalition intended to try a number of their officers as war criminals. The surviving Lancers chose to flee, seeking sanctuary in the Principality of Rasalhague and swearing loyalty to Titus Cameron-Jones. Whilst skeptical, Titus' gave the survivors the opportunity to prove their loyalty, rechristening the Third as the Fourteenth Regulan Hussars and dispatching them and the survivors of two other regiments of Sirian Lancers in his genocidal campaign against the Word of Blake.[12]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Sirian Lancers
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Zander 3025[13]
Colonel Helen Thrall 3050 - 3053[14]
Colonel Sally Hoffman 3059[4]
Colonel Inga Sukhabhai 3067[15]


The unit have no specialization.[4]

Composition History[edit]


3rd Sirian Lancers (Regiment/Green/Questionable) [16]

Note: At this point in time the ight-weight unit was stationed on Procyon but its strength was reduced to 68 percent. [16]


3rd Sirian Lancers (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [17]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Procyon with an operational readiness of 129 percent. [17]


3rd Sirian Lancers (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [17]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Procyon with an operational readiness of 95 percent. [17]


3rd Sirian Lancers (Green/Questionable)[13]

  • CO: Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Zander


3rd Sirian Lancers (Regiment/Green/Questionable)[18]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Megrez. [18]


3rd Sirian Lancers (Regiment/Green/Questionable)[14]

  • CO: Colonel Helen Thrall [14]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Shiloh. [14]

3059 to 3067[edit]

3rd Sirian Lancers (1 Regiment/Green/Questionable)[4][15]

  • CO/1st Battalion: Colonel Sally Hoffman
  • 2nd Battalion: Force Commander Frances Ormonde
  • 3rd Battalion: Force Commander Allesandro Amemocci

3rd Sirian Aerospace (1 Wing/Regular/Questionable)[4][15]

4th Sirius Volunteer Armor (1 Regiment/Green/Questionable)[4][15]

  • Armor Commander: Force Commander Donald Ingles

9th Sirian Pioneers (1 Battalion of Engineers/Regular/Questionable)[4][15]

- Allways the commanding officer is changed in 3067, the other CO's of the Lancers are the same as in 3059.


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