3rd Wolf Battle (Clan Wolf)

3rd Wolf Battle Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname The Sentinels
Parent Formation


In 3059 the Third Wolf Guards Battle Cluster was composed largely of new Trueborn warriors who had passed their first Trial of Position. Despite being rushed through, they were highly skilled and often exercised against the Sixth Wolf Regulars of Iota Galaxy.[1] They were stationed on Suk II.[2] They remained on Suk II in 3067.[3]

During the Wolf Clan's assault into the Republic of the Sphere, the Third Cluster was instrumental in taking Corridan IV. They later participated in Operation HAMMERFALL, and were responsible for conquering Kirkenlaard and Tongatapu.[4]

In 3145 the Third Wolf Guards Battle Cluster landed on Hesperus II to face forces from Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Hell's Horses. After fighting for nearly two months and stalling the Falcons and Horses at every turn, they were forced off the planet when the LCAF sent a large task force to the planet.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Wolf Battle
Star Colonel Magarite Vickers 3059 - 3067[1][3]

Other Officers[edit]



Composition History[edit]


  • 1 Trinary Omnimechs/Elementals
  • 1 Trinary Omnimechs/Fighter
  • 1 Trinary Battlemechs/Elementals


Game Rules[edit]

In the Dark Age if the Third's Aerospace force is missing they suffer a -2 Initiative penalty. On the other hand if the unit has access to their Aerospace contingent, they can use the Overrun Combat special ability and suffer no penalty.[7]


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