403rd Lyran Independent Aero Regiment

403rd Lyran Independent Aero Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 3053)
Parent Formation AFFC
Formed unknown

The 403rd Lyran Independent Aero Regiment was an Aerospace Fighter command in the service of the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth at the time of the Clan Invasion.


Clan Invasion Era[edit]

In 3053, the Federated Commonwealth planned a major raid against the Jade Falcon-held Sudeten. The Fifth and Twelfth Deneb Light Cavalry, the first an RCT while the latter a "free" 'Mech regiment, formed the core of the attack force, and they were joined by the 81st FedCom Independent Aero Regiment and the 403rd Lyran Independent Aero Regiment, along with a number of Assault DropShips. The AFFC Intelligence Secretariat had identified Sudeten as a major supply depot for Falcon operations, as well as reporting the presence of a large encampment of Commonwealth POWs. It was believed the huge number of Aerospace Fighters would provide the Deneb Light Cavalry ground forces more than enough support to succeed in their mission. True to form, the Cavalry employed a Pirate Point to reach their destination, hoping to catch the Falcons by surprise. Unfortunately, the Intelligence services had severely underestimated Clan opposition for the mission, as the CJF Jade Talon, an Aegis-class WarShip, was in orbit over the planet, and more than a Galaxy of Falcon troops were on the surface. By chance, various Jade Falcon Clusters had been temporarily assigned to the important world. The AFFC troops were forced to commit their entire AeroSpace contingent to holding off the WarShip and the Falcons' own AeroSpace forces while the ground troops made their drop. Both aerospace and ground forces took devastating losses, with only 27 of 120 fighters surviving the battle with the Jade Talon and the ground troops likewise suffering losses over 70 percent. Although some prisoners had been rescued, the entire operation was considered a major debacle.[1][2] In the aftermath, the Fifth Deneb Light Cavalry would be disbanded, with its surviving officers and soldiers transferred to the other DLC commands.[3]

The 403rd Lyran Independent Aero Regiment was apparently disbanded after Sudeten, as only an estimated 12 of their fighters survived the battle.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 403rd Lyran Independent Aero Regiment



Composition History[edit]

As an Independent Aero Regiment in the AFFC, the 403rd Lyran Independent Aero Regiment may be expected to consist of three independent wings consisting of 20 fighters each and 60 in total, along with command and support elements.




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