405th Aerospace Wing

405th Aerospace Wing
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Parent Command Free Worlds League Military


The 405th Aerospace Wing was one of the units assigned to defend Xi Ursae Majoris, also known as Alula Australis in 3009. The unit operated from a hidden and well secured base of operations. When the 19th Lyran Guards and Snord's Irregulars attacked the planet, the 405th Aerospace Wing cut off the Lyran units from their DropShips. Only a daring assault from Snord's Irregulars was able to dislodge them, though at that time, the 19th Lyran Guards had already routed the rest of Free Worlds League Military defenses.[1]

Nothing is known of what happened to the unit, but being a fighter unit it is expected that some of them could escape and the unit might have been returned to full strength. [citation needed]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 405th Aerospace Wing


No known tactic was described for the unit.

Composition History[edit]


Though the exact composition is unknown, the 405th Aerospace Wing was notable for including several rare Land Air 'Mechs, namely a Phoenix Hawk LAM and three Stinger LAMs. The rest of the unit was formed by Aerospace Fighters, most of them from FWL Design.[1]


  • No logo was ever designed for the unit


Game Rules[edit]

No specific rules were created for this unit.


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