40th Brigade (SLDF)

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40th Brigade
Formed 2571
Affiliation Star League
Parent Command 14th Division


The Fortieth Brigade was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army. Formed as a part of the 14th Division during the creation of the SLDF, the 40th Brigade was a part of V Corps during Operation UNION HOLD, the five-year campaign to conquer the Outworlds Alliance. The 40th Brigade served as a part of the Outworlds Alliance Task Force from the start of the operation in 2581 until peace was declared with the Treaty of Cerberus in 2585.[1]

The 40th was stationed on Sinope when the invasion of the Alliance began and was deployed first to Bad News in 2581 and Valentina in 2582.[1] After Major General Victoria Zibler took command of V Corps and seized the opportunity to put the corps into combat actions again the 40th was tasked with conquering the world of Ki Zoban, which it succeeded in doing in just five days in early February 2583.[2]

Following the conquest of Ki Zoban the 40th was deployed as part of an ad hoc division of three brigades on a raid on Tellman IV by the commander of the Outworlds Alliance Task Force, General Amos Forlough. As a result, the 40th was heavily involved in the disastrous battle on Tellman IV that became known as the Day of Vengeance, which resulted in V Corps losing a third of its combat strength in an ambush at the hands of the Pitcairn Legion and the Outworlds Alliance Militia.[1][3]

The 40th spent 2584 on Medron before joining the running battle for Cerberus in 2585; the 40th was one of the SLDF units still on Cerberus when peace was declared.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 40th Brigade (SLDF)



Composition History[edit]



Reunification War[edit]

  • In battles that occur prior to 2583, when randomly generating force experience 40th Brigade forces apply a -1 penalty to the Random Experience Level roll.[4]
    • This penalty doesn't apply from 2583 onwards.
  • In battles that occur prior to 2583 all 40th Brigade forces receive a -1 penalty to Initiative unless they are the defender in the scenario.[4]
    • This penalty doesn't apply from 2583 onwards.
  • In battles from 2583 onwards 40th Brigade units may Bank Initiative.[4]
  • In battles from 2583 onwards 40th Brigade may select its own home edge in any battle in which it is the attacker.[4]


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