41st Shadow Division

41st shadow div.png
41st Shadow Division
Unit Profile (as of 3075)
Nickname Uriel’s Blinding Fire
Parent Formation Shadow Divisions
Formed Late 3060s
Disbanded 3079

Unit Description[edit]

The 41st Shadow Division was an elite military unit of the Word of Blake's Manei Domini faction during the Jihad. The Division's warriors were cybernetically enhanced and fanatical to the Word's cause. However, as a Shadow Division, they answered to the Manei Domini's leader Precentor Apollyon and his master.

The Division was known for its actions in the Word's Periphery Combat Theater.


In 3069, elements of the 41st Shadow Division augmented by elements of the 13th Division captured Spica, both masquerading as elements of the "House Liao" offensive. The Avatars raides a Protectorate Militia in planet and then retreated to Kittery.[1] This time the Shadow Division was not identifying itself as such.

The unit was first seen in action in 3071, where the unit arrived on Canopus IV to aid the 34th Division in securing the capital city of the Magistracy of Canopus. The Blinding Fire set the city on fire ending the struggle for Crimson between Canopian guerrilla forces and Word of Blake forces. The unit conducted raids that year against Canopian worlds to break those worlds' resistance. The raiding forces consisted of one or two of Level III formations, striking at worlds such as Adherlwin, Bass, Borgan's Rift, Lindenmarle, and Megarez.

In June of 3073, the unit's staging base on Aspropirgos was struck by a Canopian-Capellan Task Force. The Task Force utilized Capellan chemical munitions that destroyed the cybernetic warriors by causing their myomer implants to detonate. The assault was reported to have caused the destruction of almost all of the 41st Infantry elements and its staging base. The Division was reportedly spotted withdrawing deeper into the League. Elements of the 41st Division had been reported remaining behind in Canopian space, while majority of the Division (3 level IIIs) returned to Gibson.[2]

The 41st was destroyed in 3079 on Gibson.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 41st Shadow Division


The unit uses weaponry to set fires to flush out their enemies.

Composition History[edit]


  • 3 Level III Formations(?)[4]



Game Rules[edit]

The 41st Shadow Division include general Shadow Division abilities; Immunity to Force Withdrawal rules, negation of the Overrun Combat and Force the Initiative abilities of opponents employ during a scenario.

Units (Fighters and 'Mechs) that are overheating reduce their movement and to-hit modifier by 1 point. (Including units rolls to avoid shutdown rolls.) The unit receives +4 modifier when any unit attempts to start fires when using PPCs, flamers, lasers, or missiles of any kind.

The 41st also is able to employ the "Berserker Frenzy" ability once a scenario. This causes the Division's unit to loose the initiative for this round. however they receive -1 to their gunnery and piloting roles for that turn.[5]


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