43rd Shadow Division

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43rd shadow div.png
43rd Shadow Division (Haborym’s Legion)
Unit Profile (as of 3075)
Nickname Haborym's Legion
Parent Formation Shadow Divisions
Formed Late 3060s
Disbanded 3078

Unit Description[edit]

The 43rd Shadow Division was a Word of Blake military formation staffed with elite cybernetically enhanced troops named Manei Domini. The 43rd Division was known for its attacks in Lyran and Clan Ghost Bear space during the early stages of the war.


The 43rd Division first appeared in 3072, when it was part of attempted assault of Arc-Royal. It led the assault with assistance of the 2nd & 37th Divisions. However, despite WarShip support its task force provided, the assault was disrupted. Only a few Level II formations managed to land on the planet. It was later reasoned that assault was part of special operation provide cover land ROM agents on the planet.[1] The Division and its task force mates withdrew from Lyran space suspected of taking major damage in exchange.

The unit was seen in action in 3074 on Radstadt, where it was using the planet to prepare for a major assault against Ghost Bears with an unnamed mercenary force. However, Ghost Bear forces attacked the 43rd Division and its allies before it could undertake the sortie. During the fight, the 43rd launched several attacks with biological weapons and neutron bombs against the planet's capital. This sacrificed the Division's mercenary support and caused the death of millions of natives and Clanners year later. The Ghost Bear attack reportedly reduced the division to only a Level III formation prior to them escaping the planet. It is suspected the actions on the planet triggered the Ghost Bears' entry into the Jihad against the Blakists.[2]

The 43rd fought again in March 3078, battling the allied coalition command group on New Home in a deadly series of cat-and-mouse games that tied the command group up and delayed the liberation of the world during Operation SCOUR.[3]. In April 3078[4] the 45th and 47th Shadow Division arrived at New Home to reinforce the 43rd and counter the Coalition assault. The two units came close to reinforcing the 43rd Shadow Division and capturing Devlin Stone, but a last minute bombardment from the Coalition ship Promise destroyed the 47th Shadow Division. Stone's Lament, Ryuken-roku, 2nd Federated Suns Armored Cavalry, Battle Corps Legion, and Clan Nova Cat's Sigma Galaxy proceeded to hunt down the surviving Blakists and destroyed them.[5] The Blakists did not go quietly, destroying the Ryuken-roku and the Second FedSuns AC, and destroying nearly three-quarters of Sigma Galaxy and the Battle Corps Legion.[6][7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 43rd Shadow Division

Other Unit Officers[edit]


They were trained in night time operations.

Composition History[edit]




The 43rd Shadow Division was noted for its near-fanatical hatred of the Clans.


Game Rules[edit]

When playing in scenario again Clan opponent, the unit receives -1 to all its to-hit modifiers for weapons and physical attacks. Also to reflect the Division's being adept in nighttime operations, it is does not suffer from penalties that associated with night, dawn and dusk conditions used from Tactical Operations manual.[9]


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