44th Solahma Cluster (Clan Smoke Jaguar)

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44th Solahma Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3060)
Nickname Unknown
Parent Formation Watchmen Galaxy
Formed Unknown


The Forty-fourth Solahma Cluster was a second line Cluster of Clan Smoke Jaguar.


Task Force Serpent[edit]

On March 12th 3060 Task Force Serpent landed on Huntress. Only a portion of the Forty-fourth along with the Watchman Galaxy Command Trinary were stationed in Lootera. The Seventy-first Light Horse Regiment of the Eridani Light Horse made a combat drop, but had ended up scattered across northern Lootera. Only a few Trinaries were thus available to meet the assault force and these were quickly swept aside as elements of the Eridani Light Horse pushed on to the Genetic Repository.[1][2]

The Jaguar 'Mech forces fought a delaying action while the Elementals that were assigned to the repository sealed the facility. The Eridani Light Horse forces were forced to blast their way in and fight room-to-room. The Elementals inflicted over twenty-percent fatal casualties.[3]

The remaining Trinaries of the Forty-fourth were stationed with the Twelfth Solahma Cluster, the Iron Guard Command Trinary and Trinary Fighter at the main training facility several kilometers to the west of Lootera. They were quickly attacked and destroyed by the Twenty-first Striker Regiment and the 151st Light Horse Regiment of the Eridani Light Horse.[4][5]

The Cluster was destroyed fighting on Huntress in 3060.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 44th Solahma Cluster



Composition History[7][edit]


  • Trinary Command
  • Trinary Striker
    • Alpha Striker Star - Hunchback IIC, Rifleman IIC, Conjurer, Shadow Hawk IIC, Horned Owl
    • Bravo Striker Star - Conjurer, Locust IIC, Griffin IIC, Horned Owl, Hunchback IIC
    • Charlie Striker Star - Hunchback IIC, Rifleman IIC, Warhammer IIC, Stone Rhino, Marauder IIC
  • Trinary Battle
    • Alpha Battle Star - Warhammer IIC, Hunchback IIC, Griffin IIC, Shadow Hawk IIC, Griffin IIC
    • Bravo Battle Star - Jenner IIC, Horned Owl, Horned Owl, Locust IIC, Griffin IIC
    • Charlie Battle Star - Rifleman IIC, Shadow Hawk IIC, Conjurer, Hunchback IIC, Griffin IIC
  • Binary Assault
    • Alpha Star - Warhammer IIC, Marauder IIC, Stone Rhino, Glass Spider, Rifleman IIC
    • Bravo Star - Warhammer IIC, Black Python, Rifleman IIC, Rifleman IIC, Glass Spider



  • The cluster was considered have an average status of Regular.[8]


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