44th Shadow Division

44th shadow div.png
44th Shadow Division
Nickname Avitue's Avenging Angels
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Shadow Divisions

Unit Description[edit]

The 44th Division, Avitue's Avenging Angels, was an elite "hidden" military formation of the Word of Blake. The Division was staffed with cybernetically enhanced warriors known as the Manei Domini. The unit is noted for its notorious actions during the Third Battle of New Avalon.


The entirety of the unit appeared in their first major action in 3072 in the conquest of Yunnah under the command of Precentor Avitue. However, other elements of the command have seen combat since 3068[1], where they have been seen assisting special operations groups such as the Opacus Venatori throughout the Inner Sphere.

In late 3072, the unit was deployed to New Avalon, where it reinforced the remnants of the 31st and 37th Divisions in an attempt to finally consolidate control of the Federated Suns' capital world. The arrival of the 44th reversed the Blakists' previous trend of using weapons of mass destruction due to the unit's preference to avoid civilian casualties and collateral damage.[2]

In early 3073, the 44th helped fight for a narrow victory in the Third Battle for New Avalon. Precentor Geoffrey Zucker of the 36th Division coordinated the majority of the Blakist forces, while Spector Precentor Avitue led a smaller force on a mission that resulted in the death of Marshal of the Armies Jackson Davion, allowing the Blakists to secure Mount Davion and the ruins of Avalon City.

However, a year later the division was ordered to withdraw due to the increasing Davion resistance. The 44th Division fought off the Davion Heavy Guards and remnants of the other surviving AFFS forces on-planet as they withdrew, dropping napalm and fuel-air-explosives onto the ruins of Avalon City and planting explosives that destroyed the Fox's Den and collapsed Mount Davion into itself.[3]

The last known location of the 44th was New Avalon in 3074, but the Division is reported as Missing in Action during the end of the Jihad.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of 44th Shadow Division
Specter Precentor Avitue 3075


The unit specialized in both mountain tactics and urban fighting.




The 44th Shadow Division is noted for its preference for avoiding non-combatant casualties or damage to civilian structures.


Game Rules[edit]

Avitue's Avenging Angels receive a +1 to their initiative when fighting on mountainous and urban terrain. Opposing forces need to apply a +1 to their to-hit modifiers when shooting at any unit of the 44th.

The Angels also receive the standard Force Specific abilities all Shadow Division are endowed with, specifically an immunity from Forced Withdrawal Rules and negating any Overrun Combat or Forcing the Initiative abilities an opposing force may have.[5]

The Avenging Angels are trained to avert damage to civilian structures and avoid harming noncombatants. Any Avenging Angel will not fire on any civilian structure not occupied by an enemy in that respective turn. Infantry units of the Division will not move into civilian structures unless they are occupied by enemy.[6]


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