45th Shadow Division

45th shadow div.png
45th Shadow Division
Unit Profile (as of 3075)
Nickname Tunrida's Terror
Arioch's Avengers
Parent Formation Shadow Divisions
Formed Late 3060s
Disbanded 3078

Unit Description[edit]

The 45th Shadow Division was a veteran Word of Blake combat unit that first appeared during the early days of the Jihad. The 45th Shadow was composed of cybernetically augmented warriors known as the Manei Domini.


Raid on Buckminster[edit]

The unit made its first reported appearance in 3070, during an assault on the Draconis Combine world of Buckminster. The 45th Shadow, along with the 28th Division, attacked the Delta Regiment of the Wolf's Dragoons. The Blakist task force inflicted heavy casualities on the elite mercenaries. However, in the course of the fighting the 45th Shadow suffered heavy damage as well and its commanding officer was killed. The 28th Division's commander, Precentor XI Dave Baughman, took over command of the Blakist forces and ordered a withdrawal from the planet under fire.[1][2]

Rebuilding into the Arioch's Avengers & taking of Benjamin[edit]

The 45th Shadow Division was rebuilt by its new commander, Precentor Arioch. The unit re-emerged on the battlefields of Benjamin in May 3072 with the 28th Division. The 45th Shadow's task force which included a small fleet of Pocket WarShips. They first destroyed a small number of artificial suns orbiting the planet and provided it with normal sunlight. Their Pocket Warships fired their Capital class missiles at Benjamin's defense forces, which included the Second Benjamin Regulars and the Fifteenth Benjamin Regulars[3]. After making their landing on the planet, the battered Benjamin Regulars surrendered to the 28th Division. Though they held the planet, guerrilla warfare had broken out and those forces were taking shots at 45th Shadow's assets.[4][5]

Draconis Combine's Counter Attack & Destruction[edit]

The 28th Division leaves planet for raids missions. The 45th Shadow assigned as a garrison forces with a single Level III formation of the 28th to provide additional support. In November, the Draconis Combine conducts assault to try re-take the Military District capital, however the 45th Shadow Division manages to hold. During this time, the Blakist Command dispatches a mercenary force to attempt to aide with guerrilla forces.[6]

In December, Clan Nova Cat Galaxy assaults Benjamin, with blitzkrieg effort. The 45th Shadow was reportedly annihilated by the Clanners, with only single Level III escaping the carnage.[7] The 28th Division's main force manages to rescue survivors of the battle in January of 3073.[8]

In April 3078[9] the 45th and 47th Shadow Division arrived at New Home to counter the Coalition assault on that world. The two units came close to reinforcing the 43rd Shadow Division and capturing Devlin Stone, but a last minute bombardment from the Coalition ship Promise destroyed the 45th and 47th Shadow Division. Stone's Lament, Ryuken-roku, 2nd Federated Suns Armored Cavalry, Battle Corps Legion, and Clan Nova Cat's Sigma Galaxy proceeded to hunt down the surviving Blakists and destroyed them.[10] The Blakists didn't go quietly, destroying Ryuken-roku and the Second FedSuns AC, and destroying nearly three-quarters of Sigma Galaxy and the Battle Corps Legion.[11][12]

The surviving elements of the Shadow Division left on Benjamin in 3072 after the Clan Nova Cat assault and that had been waging a guerrilla campaign, were finally shattered in 3079.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 16th Division
Precentor Tunrida 3069 and into April 3070[13]
Precentor Arioch 3072



Composition History[edit]


  • Word of Blake Division
    The Unit was rated with SD for its Equipment.




Source of majority of the information supplied for this article come from canon in-game intelligence reports and sometimes scattered civilian news reports. Thus information supplied for this article will not be accurate.


Game Rules[edit]

Under the Force Specific rules, The 45th Shadow Division suffers negative 1 modifier when rolling to check how many warriors have cybernetic augmentation. This to reflect heavy losses it suffered in 3072 against Wolf's Dragoons on Buckminister. The player generating the force may roll from Clan Wolf Random Assignment Table, one out of six units of their force. This to reflect salvage collected from the Dragoon's encounter. The 45th Division only has 1 elite pilot out of 6 fielded in any scenario due to combat losses.

The 45th Division also receive the standard Force Specific abilities all Shadow Division are endowed with. These are: Immunity from Forced Withdrawal Rules, they can negate Overrun Combat, Forcing the Initiative abilities an opposing force may have.[14]


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