46th Dieron Regulars

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46th Dieron Regulars
Formed 3062
Disbanded 3064[1]
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Parent Command Dieron Regulars

Unit Description[edit]


Federated Suns 3062-63 Incursion[edit]

Formed in 3062 in response to Coordinator Theodore Kurita's Phoenix Programs, rather than merely create a new unit of green academy recruits, the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery High Command stripped a number of veteran soldiers from other units to form the core of this new command, ensuring it had a strong backbone. As the FedCom Civil War broke out, the Forty-Sixth and a number of other mixed-battalions were redeployed to Ashio, capital of the Dieron Military District's Ashio Prefecture, in case of any Federated Suns invasion. Such thinking proved prescient when Duke James Sandoval ordered his Draconis March forces to strike with the Combine focused on Combine-Ghost Bear War.[2]

During the FedCom Civil War's Second Wave, the First Robinson Rangers and attached Robinson Battle Academy Training Battalion followed up their amazing success on Proserpina with an attack against Ashio, landing on 22rd August 3063. Landing outside the planet's capital of Iscariot, the First Rangers commander General Mai Fortuna deployed her forces in a overlapping combat formation that would have allowed them to easily best any normal Combine regiment and certainly a newly formed and untried one. But the Forty-Sixth Dieron Regulars' veterans ensured the unit was far too skilled to easily fall prey to such tactics, with the Davion troops finding their advance both much slower and far more costly than expected, only reaching the city outskirts by the end of September 3063.[2]

By October the determined Davion troops had taken seventy-five percent of the city, but still had not reached the Ashio Prefecture's regional command center. Under orders of Tai-sho Jasik Yoshiro, Forty-Sixth CO Sho-sho Carl Ikedi held the First Rangers fast, using the cover of the city to move his troops and light vehicles to constantly harass the Davion forces' flanks and rear elements. Unfortunately by this stage with the majority of Iscariot's population having fled out of the city, General Fortuna responded by ordering her forces to shell the empty buildings that Forty-Sixth had been using, demolishing a full ten percent of the city within three hours and inflicting heavy losses on the Dieron Regulars. Finally capturing the practically destroyed command center on 19 November, Fortuna's forces found little save information confirming what they already knew, the Forty-Sixth Dieron Regulars were no green unit.[2]

By mid-December the First Rangers continued their pacification of Ashio, but as the extremely rainy "winter" season began on the continent of Rhodesia led Fortuna to wind scale back her operations outside of Iscariot, the experienced Sho-sho Carl Ikedi did not, ordering his Forty-Sixth to counterattack with a vengeance. Emerging from monsoon rainstorms, the remains of the Forty-Sixth pushed the Davion forces out of the planet's capital within ten days and across Galanii Flats towards the forests of Heshial Cont. Any hopes Fortuna held the rough terrain would aid her forces evaporated as the Forty-Sixth's knowledge of the region allowed them use it against her, separating the crushing her troops one company-sized detachment at a time.[2]

By the Third Wave of the Civil War and the end of the monsoon season, General Fortuna knew she either had to fight or flee. Grouping her surviving BattleMech battalions into a point flanked on either side by her supporting regiments, she hit the Forty-Sixth's strongest line of defense, successfully escaping Heshial Cont and pushing the Regulars back. The Forty-Sixth and the Robinson Rangers inflicted heavy losses on each other over the next three weeks of battle, but eventually the Forty-Sixth's command of the local terrain led General Fortuna to relocate to her troops to the city of Touren-Ke, home of both a munitions plant and a rabidly anti-establishment movement to hopefully turn the odds in her favor. What the Rangers didn't know was that the city was controlled by yakuza, and the Rangers soon found themselves dealing with a guerrilla war as Sho-sho Carl Ikedi ordered the Forty-Sixth to merely surround the city.

When the First Robinson Rangers lost patience and began leveling whole building on 24 May 3064, a reluctant Sho-sho Ikedi ordered the entirety of Forty-Sixth into the city recognizing Davion troops would not stop until they had leveled of all Touren-Ke. The yakuza saw this as an opportunity to rid themselves of both forces, luring a combined-armed combat command from the Forty-Sixth into combat against the Robinson Battle Academy Training Battalion in the munitions plant before setting off rigged charges, leveling region and killing all the Robinson cadets and most of the Regulars involved in the battle. As the yakuza had hoped, the shocked and enraged Rangers and Regulars now fought even harder, believing that the other side was responsible for the bombing. By June 5th the arrival of the fresh Twelfth Dieron Regulars turned the battle against the First Robinson Rangers, reinforcing the survivors of the Forty-Sixth while tempering their almost suicidal frenzy against the First Rangers, the Davion troops retreating on June 13th.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 46th Dieron Regulars



Composition History[edit]


Forty-sixth Dieron Regulars


The 46th Dieron Regulars was introduced in FedCom Civil War and was later seen in Technical Readout: 3058 Upgrade (corrected 2nd printing) and Phaedra Weldon's battlecorps' story "Epaulet Mate" . The titles where declared to be in error as to the unit's existence.[4] In 2018 CGL released the first of two Spotlight On books that featured the unit, this would indicate that the unit has been Recanonized.


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