46th Shadow Division

46th shadow div.png
46th Shadow Division
Unit Profile (as of 3075)
Nickname Ipos' Lions of Destiny
Parent Formation Shadow Divisions
Formed Later 3060s

Unit Description[edit]

The 46th Shadow Division was a "hidden" Word of Blake Military formation that appeared in the early years of the Jihad. The unit was staffed by the elite cybernetically-augmented soldiers known as the Manei Domini. The unit was known for its raids in Federated Suns space.


The 46th Shadow Division was a mysterious unit, due to intelligence reports of vague sightings of it but nothing confirmed. This changed in 3072 when a Level III size force with markings of the Division conducted a raid against the world of Firgrove. The unit was noted for its single minded focus on its objective in crippling an AFFS Repair Depot. After doing so, the unit turned on the planet's defenders and ravaged them. Once done with the Davion forces they swiftly left the scene.

Since then, the unit had not been seen. However, intelligence reports suggest the unit was operating under false colors. It is suspected that the unit may have operated under colors of Taurian units and conducted raids along border with the Taurian Concordat.[1]

Elements of the 46th appeared in the Luyten 68-28 system and briefly forced the Coalition forces out of the system. They would later raid worlds in the Duchy of Oriente in 3079. In 3081 elements of the 46th allegedly participated in an ambush led by Berith on Devil's Rock.[2] The last known location of the 46th was Circinus, but the Division is reported as Missing in Action during the end of the Jihad.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 46th Division


The Division specializes in using false covers when it conducts raids. It noted for single minded focus on its objectives.

Composition History[edit]

  • Unknown


Information provided for the 46th Shadow Division was told in form of canon intelligence report. This however provides straight facts of what the unit was up to since 46th Shadow had been operating undercover.


Game Rules[edit]

When using the Advanced Scenario rules, the 46th Shadow Division has been given A Equipment Rating. It also has immunity to Force Withdrawal rules and negates any unit which has the Overrun Combat or Forcing the Initiative abilities.

The unit uniquely has the following force specific rules; Up to half of the force may start off the map and that force posses the Off-Map Movement ability. When entire unit's fight force for the scenario enters the map, the unit gains the Overrun Combat ability. When a scenario has specific objective(s) that must be meet, the Division cannot break or leave the battlefield until the objective is completed.[4]


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