47th Shadow Division

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47th shadow div.png
47th Shadow Division
Formed Late 3060s
Disbanded 3078
Nickname Azazel's Watchers
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Shadow Divisions

The Forty-seventh Shadow Division was a "hidden" Word of Blake military force that first appeared a few years after the start of the Jihad. The unit was staffed with elite cybernetic augmented soldiers known as the Manei Domini. The unit was known best for the sacking of Galatea.



The 47th Shadow first appeared in October 3072,[1] supporting the assault that took the mercenary world of Galatea. During the assault, its task force was consisted of the leading 11th Division with mercenary units, the Bullard's Armored Cavalry the Martian Cuirassiers and the Gray's Ghosts.[2] The unit was noted for its suicidal combat drop onto the capital of Galatean City. Over the course of 3073, the unit begun hunting down straggler mercenary units on the planet for "Sport". The unit rebuilt its strength since its assault on the planet, from salvage from the mercenary units they had savaged during its conquest.

It also used the planet as a base to raid other worlds such as Carsphaim, Corridan IV, Dromini VI, Konstance, Ryde, and Unukalhai.[3]

Elements of the Forty-seventh Shadow Division were seen on Kiyev in 3076. The Crescent Hawks mercenary unit engaged them, and were able to capture a Pwwka Land-Air 'Mech.[4]

Odessa & Gabriel[edit]

Rumors exist of the unit having been used in the battles of Odessa and Gabriel.


The 47th formed the bulk of the resistance on Quentin, fighting a three-month campaign against coalition forces led by Kanrei Kiyomori Minamoto. Reinforced with additional Level IIs inserted by a small Blakist fleet in late May, the 47th made use of biological weapons to attack coalition forces, fighting for weeks before finally being cornered. Reports indicated that only a few survivors from the 47th managed to retreat to a nearby Blakist WarShip[5] after the decisive battle against the 1st Sword of Light and Clan Wolf's Tau Galaxy.[6]

New Home[edit]

In April 3078[7] the 47th and 45th Shadow Divisions arrived at New Home to counter the Coalition assault on that world. The two units came close to reinforcing the 43rd Shadow Division and capturing Devlin Stone, but a last minute bombardment from the Coalition ship Promise destroyed the 47th Shadow Division as they attempted to redeploy against Stone's Lament.[8][9][10]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 47th Division


The 47th Division is trained in combat drops.

Composition History[edit]


Notable Figures of the Unit[edit]

Ghost Adept Omega Berit Smitty was a noted Stealth Djinn battle armor infantryman, who served during the occupation of Galatea. Being a dedicated tracker, she was responsible for killing 600 mercenaries during her time there. She received the nickname of Bionic Witch of Galaport and acquired a 100,000 C-bill bounty on her head from the MRBC and the Allied Mercenary Command.[11]


Game Rules[edit]

The 47th Shadow Division aside from having its shared force specific rules, the unit other unique abilities are following.

If the unit is being dropped onto the field using the Dropping Troops rules from Strategic Operations rulebook, the individual units automatically succeeds on their piloting rolls for four or less. Also, units belong to the force are allowed to fire their weapons on same turn of their landing.

When rolling up units for the 47th Division, whether it be BattleMech or battle armor, may reroll any unit that isn't jump capable once. After the second reroll, the unit must be used whether it has jump jets or not.[12]


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