489th Assault Cluster (Clan Nova Cat)

489th Assault Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3062)
Nickname The Third Eye
Parent Formation Alpha Galaxy


In 3052 the 489th Assault Cluster was the embodiment of the Nova Cat's belief in a balanced weapon. The MechWarriors and Elementals of this Cluster worked together seamlessly, using their opponent's strengths against them to bring victory to the Clan.[1]

Operation Revival[edit]

The 449th Assault fought on the following worlds during the invasion of the Inner Sphere:

Wave Five[edit]

During the Battle of Luthien, the lack of intelligence nearly destroyed the Cluster. Their ability to adapt to their opponent's tactics allowed them to withdraw from the fight with lighter casualties than the other units committed to the assault. The 489th would later use the lessons learned during the Luthien battle as the basis for their anti-Inner Sphere tactics.[1]


Operation Bulldog and After[edit]

Post-Jihad Era[edit]

An Elemental Trinary from the 489th Assault Cluster under the command of Star Captain Daniel Devalis beat off a raid on Labrea in October 3085 without requiring any assistance; the Trinary's Thunderbird battle armor played havoc with the enemy armor, while the Inner Sphere battle armor was completely outmatched. The damage inflicted by the two operating in tandem left the attacking 'Mech force so short of support it had to withdraw. This battle was effectively the first hostile field test for the new Thunderbird battle armor.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 489th Assault Cluster
Star Colonel Evelyn Morris 3062


The 489th was skilled at using their opponent's strengths against them. When fighting the Smoke Jaguars, for example, the 489th would copy the Jaguar tactic of rushing in to smash the enemy. When the Jaguars responded in kind, Elementals located in hidden positions would open fire on the unsuspecting OmniMechs. They also put a great deal of effort into reconnaissance and intelligence gathering to insure they knew the field.[1]

Composition History[edit]


The 489th had one of the highest ratios of Elementals to Mechs in the entire Nova Cat touman. Fast medium OmniMechs like the Huntsman and Shadow Cat were teamed with Elemental Stars to form rapid-strike and recon units. The heavy and assault OmniMechs of the other Trinaries then provided most of the firepower.[1]



  • 4 Trinaries



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