48th Shadow Division

48th shadow div.png
48th Shadow Division (Rimmon's Ravagers)
Unit Profile (as of 3075)
Nickname Rimmon's Ravagers
Parent Formation Shadow Divisions
Formed Late 3060s

Unit Description[edit]

The Forty-eighth Shadow Division was a "hidden" Word of Blake military force that first appeared in the first few years of the Jihad. The unit was staffed by elite cybernetically augmented warriors known as the Manei Domini. The unit was best known during the early stages of the Jihad, raiding in Capellan Confederation space.


Necromo Raid[edit]

The Forty-eighth Shadow Division, also known as Rimmon's Ravagers, first appeared in combat in August 3071. The Shadow Division was part of a raid on the Necromo system. The unit along with WarShip support, neutralized the Necromo Shipyards and its defenses and then lent a hand in the destruction of the Impavido Class Destroyer, CCS Anhui and the Feng Huang Class Cruiser, Sundermann Rhys.[1] The unit swept into and wiped out the 1st Shin Legion and Home Guard regiments. They had been there recovering on planet from events of renegade Davion Duke George Hasek's Operation SOVEREIGN JUSTICE. The Forty-eighth Shadow Division then swiftly left the planet within days of destroying the two battered units. Shortly after leaving, asteroids struck the planet's cities with force of several hundred nuclear weapons.[2]

Raids in Confederation[edit]

Inner Sphere Intelligence on the Rimmon's Ravagers, had the unit raiding Bora in middle of 3072, but quickly withdrawing after engaging with Capellan defenders.

The unit conducted a series of raids along the coreward borders of the Confederation, hitting Tsitsang, Styk, and Old Kentucky; the lack of militarily-useful goods produced by the latter made this last attack a minor one, though Capellan propagandists fabricated a story that the Forty-eighth had made off with bionics and 'animated love doll' products.[3] [4] Capellan forces attempted to capture the world of Halloran V in February 3077, prompting the Forty-eighth to move to the world in April, nearly shattering Lockhardt's Ironsides in the process, constesting the world, though finally not being able to reclaim it.[5][6]

Elements of the Forty-eighth appeared in the Luyten 68-28 system and briefly forced the Coalition forces out of the system. They would later raid worlds in the Duchy of Oriente in 3079. In 3081 elements of the 48th allegedly participated in an ambush led by Berith on Devil's Rock.[7]

The last known location of the Forty-eighth was Circinus, but the Division is reported as Missing in Action during the end of the Jihad.[8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 48th Division


The 48th Division specialized in Stealth usage. They are considered masters in using it.[9]

Composition History[edit]

  • Unknown



Game Rules[edit]

When using the Advanced Rules for Force Specific forces, the Division beneifits from having having common special specific ablities.

Masters of stealth, the Forty-eighth Division may deploy up to half its units (round up) as hidden units if acting as the scenario’s defending force. In addition, whether acting as the scenario Defender or not, all units in this Division receive the benefits of a Stealth armor system (see p. 142, TW), as long as the unit does not use Jumping MP, Flanking MP or Max Thrust. This benefit works regardless of the unit’s type or whether or not it already has a functioning Stealth armor system. If a Forty-eighth Division unit already possesses Stealth armor, double the unit’s normal Stealth armor modifiers instead.

Has access to SD rated Equipment.


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