49th Battle (Clan Coyote)

Clan Coyote.jpg
Forty Ninth Battle Cluster
Disbanded 3073 (Destroyed)
Nickname Midnight Assault
Affiliation Clan Coyote
Parent Command Epsilon Galaxy


The Forty-ninth Battle Cluster missed the Harvest Trials due to undergoing equipment refits on Tamaron.[1] They were stationed on Foster in 3060, but by 3067 had moved to Tamaron.[2][3]

By August 3071 the cluster had taken up position on Marshall along with the 12th Battle Cluster.[4] By December they had moved again to Paxon when the Scarlet Guards landed on planet to contest a former Clan Wolf BattleMech and ProtoMech factory. Unfortunately during the fighting the Guards stumbled into a previously unknown Clan Diamond Shark civilian encampment accidentally killing over 600 people. The incensed Shark defenders launched themselves in to a three way fight, from which only two stars of Guard ProtoMechs survived. The Forty-ninth destroyed the Shark force and turned their attention to the Blood Spirits. As the Guard retreated they were cut down by half by the surviving Coyote warriors. At the end of the battle the Forty-ninth were a spent force with only a Star and a half on 'Mechs and Elementals left.[5]

Partially rebuilt the remnant of the Forty-ninth was part of the force that assaulted Vinton in August 3073 after months of hard fighting the Cluster was destroyed.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 49th Battle
Star Colonel Lassiter Kozyrev 3061[1]
Star Colonel Daniel Levien 3067[3]


The cluster often attacks in waves or uses flank attacks.

Composition History[edit]


Forty-ninth Battle Cluster - Veteran[1]


Forty-ninth Battle Cluster - Veteran/Questionable[3]

  • 80% full strength with 75% of the force equipped with OmniMechs.


All 'Mechs mount searchlights.[7]


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