49th Provisional Garrison Cluster (Clan Nova Cat)

Clan Nova Cat (old).jpg
Forty-ninth Provisional Garrison Cluster
Disbanded 3060 (Destroyed)
Affiliation Clan Nova Cat
Parent Command Kappa Galaxy


Nova Cat Abjurement[edit]

In early May 3060 the Forty-ninth Provisional Garrison Cluster were stationed on Hoard in the Clan Homeworlds when a number of other Clans began launching attacks against the Nova Cat forces and enclaves on Hoard.[1]

The attacks against the Nova Cats were occurring on multiple worlds throughout the Clan Homeworlds, and were prompted by the Abjurement the Nova Cats decreed by the Clan Council in retaliation for the Nova Cats joining the Second Star League and fighting for the Inner Sphere during the Great Refusal.[1]

Before Kappa Galaxy was aware of the Abjuration the Forty-ninth were annihilated by forces from several Clans who not only worked together but also ignored the month-long grace period given to the Nova Cast by the Clan Council, as well as completely ignoring zellbrigen. The Forty-ninth was overwhelmed as their opponents concentrated their fire on individual units.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 49th Provisional Garrison Cluster



Composition History[edit]


Forty-ninth Provisional Garrison Cluster[1]

- At the time of its destruction the Forty-ninth consisted of forty-five 'Mechs, indicating that it was a Cluster composed of three Trinaries[1]



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