49th Shadow Division

49th shadow div.png
49th Shadow Division
Nickname Dantalion's Dirge
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Shadow Divisions

Unit Description[edit]

The 49th Shadow Division was one of the "hidden" Word of Blake military forces that was revealed in the early 3070s. This was an elite Manei Domini controlled Blakist unit, which was used principally in the Free Worlds League Theater of the Jihad.


First Appearance[edit]

The 49th Shadow Division first appeared in combat on Wallis in May 3071, disguised in Marik Commonwealth colors. They successfully set up the Commonwealth to take the blame for the destruction of the 2nd Regulan Hussars, leaving no survivors.[1] Sometime later, Naamah's Nightwalkers' true name was made known.[2]

Night of Fire[edit]

The Division struck Regulus in June of 3072 when unit was identified for the first time. The Forty-ninth razed the capital city after clashing with the 1st Regulan Hussars. On Naamah's orders, they set fire to the city, as a personal retribution to Kirc Cameron-Jones, the Prince of Regulus. This event would later be described as the "Night of Fire".[3] The fires the 49th Division set ultimately altered the atmosphere of the planet.[4]

There was heavy speculation that part of the equipment used by the division on Wallis and on Regulus, around two battalions, came from the machines the 1st Knights of the Inner Sphere lost during their ill-fated attempt to attack Atreus in 3068.[5]

Regulan attack on Gibson[edit]

After returning to Gibson, Naamah stood down as the 49th's CO and named her executive officer, Dantalion, as new the division's new commander.[6]

In August, 3073 a Regulan task force assaulted Gibson in retaliation for the attacks on Regulus. The 49th Division fought General Tomaso Kinchuhara's Fourth Regulan Hussars & his mercenary task force in the Gibson Federated BattleMech factory complex. The Division conducted a combat drop on top of the smaller mercenary commands that made up a third of the Task Force. They, along with the 52nd Shadow Division, mauled the Regulus task force, taking life of General Kinchuhara.[7] Precentor Apollyon ordered the Regulans to surrender. Some of the smaller mercenary units did, forcing the remaining Regulan forces to flee Gibson.

Following the victory, the troops of the 49th honored their new commander by renaming themselves Dantalion's Dirge.[8]


The unit was deployed to the world of Irian in 3074. There it was called in to assist in battling the anti-Blake insurgency on the planet.


The 49th briefly deployed to Wendigo, Atreus' moon, in 3075. There they destroyed the SAFE 'Mech unit, the Dark Shadows.[9]


On the 17th of March 3076, a detachment from the 49th struck at the world of Harmony, nuking a Regulan facility of an unknown nature on the world during the attack. However, the family estate of House Cherenkov took a direct hit in this attack and may have been the primary target, in apparent continuation of the centuries-old feud with House Rodriguez.[10][11][12]

Late Jihad Era[edit]

Elements of the 49th were active on an abandoned colony world on the border of the Circinus Federation in April 3081. Known only by the designation 129A-14H, the system was one of a number of systems scouted in force by elements from the Principality of Regulus as they closed on Circinus. A scout detachment located the forces from the 49th, prompting the Regulans to immediately begin bombarding the planet, heedless of friendly fire casualties. The Regulans proceeded to bathe the planet in nuclear fire before leaving the system, bound for Circinus.[13]

During the destruction of Circinus the main strength of the 49th was attacking Andiron.[14] They redeployed to fight the Regulan troops who were attacking the world, but arrived too late. On the 16th of September 3081[15] elements of the retreating 49th were engaged by forces from the Republic of the Sphere, Gannon's Cannons and a Blake's Wrath special forces team, in the City of the Sacredot on the world of Bryant. The Republican forces were acting on intelligence indicating that the notorious Blakist Precentor Berith was with the forces from the 49th, intelligence with proved to be false, although an informant with useful information was able to escape from the Blakist forces during the combat.[15][16]

This was followed on the 31st of October with an attempted ambush by Republic-affiliated forces at the location known as the Gates of Hades on Devil's Rock. Acting on information provided by the intelligence operative known only as Damocles, the Republican forces believed they were ambushing Berith and the remains of the 49th; the ambush was actually the result of intelligence planted by Berith, who was determined to kill Damocles. In this, Berith succeeded; having goaded Damocles into a berserk, suicidal rage, three Opacus Venatori BattleMechs combined their fire on the Com Guards agent when he charged, killing him. The Blakist forces then retreated in good order, leaving the remaining Republican forces alive (among them Gannon's Cannons and Cumberland's Missiliers), though losing half their number, Berith escaped.[17][18][19][20]

Since that time the 49th has not been seen again, and they are listed as Missing in Action.[18]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 49th Shadow Division
Precentor Naamah 3070
Precentor Dantalion 3075


The Forty-Ninth is known to use fire tactics (such as using inferno rounds) in their weaponry. Since Precentor Dantalion became commanding officer the Forty-Ninth's numerous Battle Armor units mixed themselves into every Level II formation.[21]

Composition History[edit]

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Game Rules[edit]

  • The 49th Shadow Division is resistant to external heat. Each 'Mech unit suffers from half-heat inflicted by it, while vehicle & battle armor suffer from no heat effects. Conventional Infantry will only be destroyed on a roll of 10 or greater when suffering heat effects.
  • While Dantalion's in Command: Since Dantalion becoming commanding officer of the unit in 3073. Anytime the player controlling includes four which includes Battle Armor squad. The player receives following bonuses. They receive +1 to their initiative and all battle armor receives −1 to their gunnery and anti-'Mech skills rolls.[22]


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