4th Amaris Dragoons

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4th Amaris Dragoons.png
Fourth Amaris Dragoons
Unit Profile (as of 2750)
Nickname The Far Guard
Parent Formation Amaris Dragoons

The Fourth Amaris Dragoons was a unit of the Rim Worlds Army that fought both with and against the SLDF.


Rim Worlds Republic Civil War[edit]

The Fourth Amaris Dragoons engaged the Rim Republican Army's rebellion during the Reunification War.[1] On the 23rd of April 2575 Gregory Amaris ordered the Fourth Amaris Dragoons in to disrupt a massive worker's strike at the Diplass Technologies BattleMech plant on Apollo, a strike which had been sparked by Amaris' issuing the Manchester Directive and by his favoring of companies and employees from outside the Republic.[2]

The Fourth were unprepared for the order and for the scale of the strike; the small detachment sent to the were quickly overwhelmed, and the workers declared that Amaris' use of the military to try and prevent their strike constituted a breach of the public trust in his office. The failure of the Fourth to disrupt the strike led Amaris to then order the Seventh Amaris Legionnaires and Eighth Amaris Fusiliers in to disrupt the strike where the Fourth had failed; both regiments promptly defected to the opposition, leaving Amaris isolated and uncertain of the loyalties of the Fourth, and Amaris lead his surviving loyalist forces to take refuge in island estates while also sending couriers to Terra to request assistance from the Star League as the Republic descended into civil war.[2][3]

The striking workers formed the Rim Provisional Government with the support of the Rift Republican Army; the RRA was originally a military unit, but had become a well-respected organization akin to a veteran's association prior to the civil war. Amaris' decision to outlaw the RRA and seize the assets of its members had played a part in the general feeling of resentment amongst the citizens of the Republic, and the RRA became actively involved with the RPG when the war broke out.[2] With the Seventh Legionnaires and the Eighth Fusiliers both declaring their support for the RRA and RPG while the Amaris Republican Guard and other units on Apollo remained loyal to Amaris, the Fourth found itself stuck between two large forces, neither of whom trusted the Fourth.[4]

The Fourth initially tried to act as a neutral arbiter between the RRA and the Loyalist forces, while recovering from the losses taken at the Diplass plant; this changed after the first time a hardline faction within the RRA staged a coup and toppled the provisional government. The Fourth sided with Amaris in response to the coup, and over the next twenty years would play a key role in defending his estates from RRA forces. As a consequence of the Fourth's service, Amaris made them an unofficial part of the Amaris Household Guard and decorated the Fourth at the end of the civil war.[4] They would still be on Apollo in 2596, however they were disarmed and rendered combat-ineffective by the SLDF[5] most likely during the liberation of Amaris' island estates by forces from the 2nd Marik Auxiliary Corps led by Duke Narinder Selaj.[6]

Following Amaris' rescue, the Free Worlds League Military joined the SLDF units led by Archon Viola Steiner-Dinesen and the Fourth Royal Guards besieging Terra Prime as they attempted to dislodge the Seventh Legionnaires and Eighth Fusiliers. The FWLM forces brought Amaris loyalist forces with them, presumably including some or all of the Fourth Dragoons, and were due to take part in a trap prepared by the Archon that hinged around using herself as a high-profile target to draw out the RRA forces to a point where the FWLM, Amaris Loyalist and SLDF forces could join the attack against them. A communications glitch left the Fourth Royal Guards unsupported and saw the Archon take fatal injuries before her force could be rescued, resulting in the Archon being repatriated to Tharkad (where she died soon after) followed by General Nathan Isaacson, the overall Task Force MAILED FIST commanding officer, assuming overall command of the ground component of the campaign to secure Apollo. The end result was a five-month siege of Terra Prime that saw the provisional government surrender in September 2596.[6]

As a consequence of the Fourth's service Amaris made them an unofficial part of the Amaris Household Guard and decorated the Fourth at the end of the civil war.[4]

Star League Era[edit]

In 2716 the 4th Amaris Dragoons were assigned to the Star's End region of the Rim Worlds Republic, and would be deployed on Gustrell alongside the 2nd Lyran Guards in the aftermath of the Gustrell Massacre[7] in 2746.[8]

It was the first unit to arrive in the Terran Hegemony after Richard Cameron asked Stefan Amaris' help in garrisoning the Hegemony, earning them their unit nickname, "The Far Guard".[9].

Amaris Civil War[edit]

The elite Fourth played a key role in Operation APOTHEOSIS. Deployed to a vacant SLDF base just north of Unity City, the regiment swiftly secured control of the Star League capital's environs as Amaris himself eliminated Richard Cameron. Use of tactical nuclear warheads and command of the airspace allowed the Dragoons to destroy the Black Watch as they sought to prevent the Dragoons from linking up with Amaris and his bodyguards who were barricaded in the palace. Once Dragoon forces had relieved their ruler, they next turned their efforts towards eliminating what remained of SLDF resistance in the area.[10] In this they were largely successful, though survivors from this opening battle continued to harass the Fourth Amaris Dragoons for several months afterward.[11]

When the SLDF liberated Terra in 2779, the Fourth was deployed in defense of the Amaris family's final redoubt, the Imperial Palace. A surprise drop directly into the Palace grounds by General Aaron DeChavilier and the SLDF's Twenty-Sixth Division caught the Dragoons off-guard. In the ensuing fighting the regiment was swiftly defeated.[12]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 4th Amaris Dragoons
Colonel Charlse Svennsen 2575 - 2595[13]
Colonel Xatt Dague 2740 - 2775[7]
Colonel Armstrong Duket 2766[14]



Composition History[edit]


The Dragoons had a least one company of Ignis Support Tanks.[15]


Reunification War[edit]

  • The Fourth Amaris Dragoons may Bank Initiative.[16]
  • The Fourth Amaris Dragoons may use Overrun Combat.[16]
  • The Fourth Amaris Dragoons receive a -1 penalty to all repair rolls as a consequence of the disruption caused to the logistical infrastructure of the Rim Worlds Army during the Rim Worlds Republic civil war.[16]


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