4th Amaris Fusiliers

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4th Amaris Fusiliers
Affiliation Rim Worlds Republic
Parent Command Amaris Fusiliers


Active within the Rim Worlds Army during the Age of War and Reunification War, the Fourth Amaris Fusiliers was stationed on both New India and Urjala in 2581[1] when the Star League decided to intervene in the civil war that had been raging inside the Rim Worlds Republic since 2575.[2]

The Reunification War[edit]


As the Star League Defense Force completed the first wave of attacks in Operation MAILED FIST - the name given to the Star League intervention into the Republic civil war - reprisal attacks from Republican forces against worlds within the Lyran Commonwealth were anticipated. What wasn't anticipated was the Rim Worlds Army launching a successful deep raid against Alarion, a secure interior world within the Commonwealth and an important industrial world.[3]

The Fourth Amaris Fusiliers, already supporters of the Rim Provisional Government, were responsible for the raid on Alarion. Assigned as the garrison unit for the worlds of New India and Urjala, a battalion drawn from the Fourth managed to evade the various border patrols established by the SLDF and the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces and travelled to Alarion, which at the time was three jumps away from the border between the Republic and the Commonwealth.[3]

The raiding party from the Fourth grounded on Alarion on the 9th of December 2581, having been mistaken for an ore-carrying vessel from Carlisle that was expected to arrive at around the same time; the Fusiliers landed at the port facility attached the planetary capital of Craiova, achieving total surprise over the local forces when their BattleMechs emerged and began to wreak havoc. The Fusiliers managed to inflict substantial damage to the port before retreating back to their DropShip and fighting a running eight-day space battle with the local LCAF contingent all the way back to their waiting JumpShip.[3]

The repercussions of the raid on Alarion went beyond the substantial disruption to the local economy caused by the raid itself; Archon Viola Steiner-Dineson believed that the raid was evidence that the Rim Worlds Army was far more capable and aggressive than the planning assumptions made by the SLDF had indicated, and that the scope of Operation MAILED FIST should be broadened to include the entire of the Rim Worlds Republic rather than those worlds in close proximity to the Dark Nebula. This put the Archon at odds with General Nathan Isaacson, the SLDF officer commanding Task Force MAILED FIST, causing a rift that would last for the duration of the campaign, but the threat of the Archon removing the logistical and economic support provided by the Commonwealth was enough to convince the SLDF to broaden the scope of Operation MAILED FIST.[3]


Elements of the Fourth Fusiliers were stationed on Urjala. They faced the Second Marik Auxiliary Corps throughout 2583 and inflicted heavy losses. Eventually the SLDF sent in reinforcements, and the Fusiliers on Urjala were destroyed.[4]

New India[edit]

Though the Fourth was effectively destroyed on Urjala, there were some survivors who managed to withdraw to New India. There they joined with the 5th Amaris Dragoons and faced the SLDF forces in a stand-up fight. During this conflict the Fourth was destroyed.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 4th Amaris Fusiliers
Colonel Anastasia Mitsov 2581[6]



Composition History[edit]




Reunification War[edit]

  • During the Reunification War the Fourth Fusiliers receive a -1 penalty to all repair rolls as a consequence of the disruption caused to the logistical infrastructure of the Rim Worlds Army during the Rim Worlds Republic civil war.[7]


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