4th Andurien Cavalry

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Fourth Andurien Cavalry
Nickname The Sweeps
Affiliation Duchy of Andurien
Parent Command Andurien Cavalry

The Fourth Andurien Cavalry was a unit that served the Duchy of Andurien during the post-Jihad and Dark Age eras.

Primarily an anti-pirate force, they were stationed on El Giza as part of a larger effort to defend against raiders. They and the Second Andurien Guard on Mosiro are able to provide each other with support if required.


Capellan Raid of El Giza of 3082[edit]

In the early 3080s, the 4th Andurien was assigned to the Mosiro Archipelago as part of Duchy's efforts to bolster its ally states defenses.

In late 3082, Capellan Confederation dispatched a probing force to the world of El Giza as part of their efforts to create a buffer between fractured Free Worlds League states. The Cavalry conceived a trap to harass the Capellan Light 'Mech Company into a trap. The unit dispatched a lance of Aeron Strike VTOLs to snipe at the incoming Liao 'Mechs. These VTOLs managed to dispatch three of Liao BattleMechs while driving the rest of the Capellans into the Cavalry's ambush. The Cavalry was able to effectively wipe out the entire company, leaving Liao DropShip leave empty.[1]


In 3112, the Howler Monkeys led the defense of Mansu-ri against the Fourth Andurien Cavalry. The Howler Monkeys, whose forces included two full lances of Black Hawk BattleMechs, were able to stall the Andurien forces enough for reinforcements to arrive and save the day for Oriente Protectorate, although the Commanding Officer of the Howler Monkeys, Captain Mercedes Kowalski, was killed in the battle.[2]

Convenant Worlds Invasion[edit]

In June 3137, during the Andurien War against Oriente,[3] the Fourth fought the Covenant Worlds 1st Expeditionary Force. The unit fought the invaders using hit-and-run tactics instead of immediately falling back to regroup with their larger sister unit on Mosiro.

Striking from hidden bases, the Fourth exploited the planetary geography of El Giza, particularly its tall grasslands, hidden ravines, and the ruins of ancient cities to successfully harass the Covenant Worlds Expeditionary Force. In doing so, the Fourth bought an extra week's worth of preparation time for the Second Guard on Andurien.

Raids and Conquest of Eleusis[edit]

In 3145 the Fourth was stationed on Vakarel.[4] Elements of the unit raided Ruschegg while others hit Glevakha. In each case, the Fourth's reach exceeded its grasp, and the raiding parties suffered serious losses.[5][6]

In 3148 the Fourth and Fifth Andurien Cavalry assaulted Eleusis and drove off the defending Third Marik Protectors, claiming that world for the Duchy.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 4th Andurien Guards
Colonel Moses Page 3145[4]


The Fourth's best-known tactic is called "The Sweep." The Fourth deploys most of their assets at one point of their opponent's line, overwhelming them with sheer numbers, while the rest of the Fourth moves in from a different direction. The Sweep was moderately successful on El Giza, but the Fourth did sustain heavy losses.[8]

Composition History[edit]


Fourth Andurien Cavalry (2 Battalions/Elite/Fanatical)[4]

  • CO: Colonel Moses Page

Eighth Andurien Aerospace Regiment (Elite/Reliable)[4]

Thirty-third Andurien Tank Regiment (Veteran/Fanatical)[4]

Seventeenth Andurien Infantry Brigade (Elite/Fanatical)[4]


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